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COM/NAV Toggle

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I can't find the command COM/NAV Toggle (in the GNS 430/530 it's PUSH C/V).


Can someone tell me witch command it is in FSUIPC ?


COM/NAV toggle? Do you mean use/standby swap? There's a separate one for each radio. FS doesn't provide a toggle to swap radios completely.



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I think the left button of the GPS (PUSH C/V) is COM to NAV and NAV to COM.


Is this Use/stby ?


No. Sounds like a facility on the GPS because it only has one radio changing knob?


Is this an add-on GPS or a standard FS one? There are some GPS controls supported by FS, they are all in the list starting with "Gps ", but I don't see one specifically for hat function.



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On the GNS530 and similar units, pushing the centre knob of the left hand rotaries switches the cursor between the "NAV" and "COM" functions for setting frequencies. As neither of the default GPSs have a frequency setting function, then that option is not a FS command, as you say, Pete.


Therefore it has to be an add-on you are using... Which one?




Ian P.

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