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Has anyone created a new airport file for KLAX, with the new Tom Bradley International Terminal. It now has jet ways on both sides of the terminal, and the ramp and taxi ways  have been modified. If anyone knows where to find this file, or knows how to edit the existing airport file, please let me know. Thanks!

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Call me crazy, but the default KLAX already has a terminal named "TBIT", which sounds like an abbreviation of Tom Bradley International Terminal and it's situated next to taxiway S, just like in real life...


Ok, skip that, I see what you mean. In Tower!2011, only the right (East) side of TBIT is used, whereas today in RL, the left (West) side of the terminal has also been developed with extra  "A380" gates. Futhermore, taxiway S has changed a bit (judging from Google Maps) and no longer runs straight from North to South. 


Unfortunately, adding this to the current LAX map is not that easy as you would need to update the underlying airport "foto" to represent the new taxiway and gates. You COULD simply add the gates is in the editor and assign them to "Terminal_TBIT" but it would just result in a/c taxing over taxiway S and then turning East off the taxiway and parking in front of the building, which would just look silly. 

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You need the backgound photo and photoshop, you can copy it though the airfiled editor but it is hard work, once copied you can save it and just keep updating it as things change.


For example there are several new/moved taxiways and terminals at LAX,


the American Eagle terminal has moved from oposit TBIT to East of T8

new E8 Taxiway at 24L

new Taxiway R

Taxiway S has moved West to allow fro new TBIT

new Taxiway T/T1


There will be a Terminal 0 in due course and 24R to be moved further North.


Lots going on at Lax.




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