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Can't get Tower 2011 to run.


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Having 2 problems, I have 2 computers both with Win Pro 7 64.  1 is an AMD the other is a Intel 5.  Both have 8 gig memory. 1 is a naVidia video card and 1 is an ATI video card both are 256 memory.


The one machine with the Intel game install's, I took care of the C+++ by allowing the game to install.  I select St. Thomas, the time and I highlight the button for the runway.


All I hear is the seagulls, hear the waves and see the cars on the road.  I type in the sample air craft per the book and I also speak the same.  No response nothing.  Nothing on radar nothing.


The AMD machine is my main gaming machine, I have disabled all back ground games I.E. Steam.  I get please insert the proper C.D.  I have tried a new cd rom a pocket cd rom.  Nothing.


I have disabled my fire walls and Microsoft defender.  Still nothing.



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Hi Arsonman35,


Do you have real traffic installed?

I don't think it works with St Thomas (I may be wrong on that)


Did you try any other airports?


It sounds like Tower is working ok as you can hear the seagulls etc. the problem is getting the planes to turn up.




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Hi Arsonman35,


You should still have other airports available to you. Off memory the default package came with LAX, MIA & LAS.


Put your slider all the way to the right and see if that makes any difference, St Thomas is a very quiet airport. I think off memory (has it been 4 years already?) the busiest hour still only gives you about 8 planes. Hence the reason it is a good one for practice.


Stick with it, I think it (& Tracon 2012) are great packages.


Let us know if you still have issues.



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