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"Suggestions" for Multiplayer

Terry Latting

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I am starting this topic for feelthere to get suggestions for the multiplayer game play. Its not intended for a b*&^h topic, just give the makers some feedback. Here are my suggestions:


Tracon and Tower don't seem to communicate. Can we have this looked at?


During game play, I notice when ground or tower hands off to one another, unless you remember which ones they were or by trying to give commands, you don't know which ones are under your control by looking at the flight strip. If you can set it up so the strip only shows to the control that is handling them would be nice.


On the radar scopes (ground and air) would be another way to show who has control. Only show the flight ID when you are controlling that aircraft.


I will continue to play and give more feedback as I do so.


Thank You



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Thank you for your feedback. Tracon and Tower indeed communicate as it was tested and played for hundreds of hours. There is a possibility of failed communication, slow net and some *possible* user error :)

Currently we are working on the next version of Tower and we plan to make it multiplayer but somehow differently than we made it for Tower! 2011.



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Currently we are working on the next version of Tower and we plan to make it multiplayer but somehow differently than we made it for Tower! 2011.

I hope it has the same runway matrix as Tracon where you have the option to assign runways for arrivals or departures or both. Like for instance, if you were to have a Tower version of Laguardia Airport, their departure and arrival runways intersect (arrivals on RWY 31, and departing runways on RWY 4)  ;) 

My wish list/suggestions:


1.  The ability to string more commands into a single transmission in Tracon.  For example:

  • "Jetblue 975, turn left heading 310, cleared ILS runway 31 left approach, contact tower on 119.1"
  • "American 22, proceed direct Solberg, climb to 17 thousand, contact center on 125.3 

2.  The ability to have airport specific visual approaches in Tracon.  What I mean by that is JFK and LGA visual approach procedure that are different from your normal visual approaches.  JFK has 'Belmont Visual RWY 22L' and 'Parkway Visual RWY 13L/R' approach procedures, and LGA has 'River Visual RWY 13' and 'Expressway Visual RWY 31' approach procedures.   KLAX a couple, as does KBOS and KEWR... this would be a great advanced feature I think.


3.  Some special departure procedure options maybe.  For instance, JFK has departure procedures from runways 31L and 31R: "Canarsie Climb", "Bridge Climb", "Breezy Point Climb".  I realize that they are already formatted into some SIDs, but you don't know which one they are taking because they do not announce which way they are going when they are departing from runways 31L/R.  Maybe this is already possible with editing the SID/STAR.txt file in addition to editing/adding a SID?  I think I have asked you that question somewhere else...


4.  The ability to view the available holding patterns on the RADAR in Tracon, and edit them in the airspace editor.


5.  The ability to see the icons for surrounding airports on the RADAR.  I think it would be great to see where they are even though you're not controlling them.  


6.  Having 'heavy' aircraft for some wide body flights.  Like, Speedbird 117 heavy (BAW117/H), Delta 15 heavy (DAL15/H) etc... 


7.  Better voice recognition, but I think that is a windows issue.


8.  Options for speed restrictions at certain altitudes.  Some STARs list them in the procedures you find online.  i.e. JFK's CAMRN 4 arrival says to expect 11000' and 250K when reaching waypoint CAMRN.  I've also experienced certain planes refusing to slow below 250 knots at any altitude as well.


9.  The ability to put the mile rings in Tracon around a different airport when needed.




Some of these may fall under the 'beyond the scope' heading but what the heck.... :P


I'm sure I have more, I'll post them when I think of them.   :cool:

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Another suggestion......


A new command for TRACON:

(Callsign) After (nav aid/waypoint) fly heading XXX

(Callsign) After (nav aid/waypoint) fly heading XXX, descend and maintain (altitude)


Example: Jetblue 3 after CAMRN, fly heading 045, descend and maintain 7000

                Air France 7 after JFK, fly heading 180, descend and maintain 9000


I had more... I'll post 'em when I remember... :idea:

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This is a head start of suggestions from your loyal fans. I posted this topic to give you guys insight on what we would like to see. I realize you would rather have them in your wishlist topic, but this gives you a head start. I am getting better at tracon and I have been playing it more now that I understand it better. All of the suggestions that john made are legit and will make this game even better.

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