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  1. Another suggestion...... A new command for TRACON: (Callsign) After (nav aid/waypoint) fly heading XXX (Callsign) After (nav aid/waypoint) fly heading XXX, descend and maintain (altitude) Example: Jetblue 3 after CAMRN, fly heading 045, descend and maintain 7000 Air France 7 after JFK, fly heading 180, descend and maintain 9000 I had more... I'll post 'em when I remember... :idea:
  2. Yesterday I made a quick comparison of flights in and out of Newark (KEWR) in Tower multiplayer and Tracon with Real Traffic, at 23:00 hours, no weather, runways 4L and 4R open, with arrivals and departures set to full capacity. It seems that Tower is suppressing 2/3 of the flights available to arrive or depart for some reason, while there is no issue with Tracon. I noticed that when I ran TRACON, I automatically see departing Continental flights when I did not see them in Tower. When I peeked at the Tower game log, I noticed a bunch of errors in regards to airports. I did notice some
  3. Thanks Fracasado, however it's not the flight paths of the SID/STARS I am referring to. Although I have extensively tweaked the SID/STARS that TRACON included with the airspace editor, my question is how the flights are assigned their departure gates and what the role the sidstar_jfk.txt file is in the simulator. I have encountered situations where a flight will have a departure gate that seem out of the way from its destination. As an example, a flight that departs JFK with a destination of Fort Lauderdale and it has an exit gate assignment of Merit, or Parke, instead of Shipp, Dixi
  4. A zip file of the planes I have edited. I would make a safety copy of the originals that are in the Feel There airplane folders and replace them with these. I have also found what looks to be a great website for info at: http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/E190 I might re-edit what I have already edited once I have a better look at the website. E75.zip
  5. I hope it has the same runway matrix as Tracon where you have the option to assign runways for arrivals or departures or both. Like for instance, if you were to have a Tower version of Laguardia Airport, their departure and arrival runways intersect (arrivals on RWY 31, and departing runways on RWY 4) ;) My wish list/suggestions: 1. The ability to string more commands into a single transmission in Tracon. For example: "Jetblue 975, turn left heading 310, cleared ILS runway 31 left approach, contact tower on 119.1" "American 22, proceed direct Solberg, climb to 17 thousand, contact ce
  6. Yet another update.... After finding and installing a little app online by PCWinTech called 'Simple Port Tester', it told me right away that it was NOT connecting to tcp or udp ports 22224. No big surprise there. Checking the router for the umpteenth time to confirm the settings to the ports, disabling and/or uninstalling the firewalls on the computer, and just about every other combination I can think of resulted in a big fat no f••king bueno. :evil: After exhausting almost everything I can think of concerning the configuration of my VerzonFios wifi router and firewalls to accept
  7. Never heard of steam before today so I do not have an opinion.
  8. just an update... I have solved one issue where a "parental control" software was shutting down the connection in 15 minutes regardless of the setting. (Uninstalled it) This last time I disabled all of the firewalls and I still was unable to host on either Tracon or Tower. I can only be a client on Tower. My last game log is attached. That's where Terry tried connecting to my Tower with out success. J game.zip
  9. Tracon or Tower? If it's Tower... it should be just 'XXX contact departure". If it's Tracon, center and tower frequencies should be in the manual .pdf included with the Atlanta sector.
  10. I am 'the other player'...... .............and it's most of the same issues again. While I have been able to connect Tower to Terry, he gets an 'Connection lost with the server' when he tries to connect Tower with me. I have also asked him to connect Tower to me when I had Tracon running. No dice. I have checked the router settings (port forwarding) more times than I can remember. I have port triggering open as well to tcp/udp 22224 as of this morning. I have even completely disabled the firewall software that is installed on this computer at one point, even though I got a pop up not
  11. Am I correct in assuming that you can edit the SID/STAR .txt file in the databases folder by assigning airports to certain SID or STARs under the proper list? Or is there more to it that is beyond the scope/limit of what is end user editable? There has been more than one occasion where I have seen departing flights that were assigned departure gates that didn't make sense to me...... For example, departing flights from KJFK to KLAX had a departure gate that was east of JFK instead of west, flights to Canada were assigned departure gates to the south instead of north, etc... Thanks....
  12. Found that the E175's are also suspect........ found this out when I was issuing a 'reduce speed' command yesterday and promptly got a 'negative' response. On an unrelated note, is there a place to submit suggestions?
  13. No....... it was another issue which dealt with real traffic, of which I figured out. We tried again this morning with a multiplayer session with Tracon and Tower and no joy. I have triple checked everything on my end and it seems to be in order. Waiting on Dana to double check her settings on her router to try again.
  14. I previously had another question in this pane, but I erased it due to operator error. . . . . . . . . . ......and I answered my own question. :rolleyes:
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