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FSUIPC and A321

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Every Airbus has three bottons SPD, HDG and ALT that can be activated /deactivated through the mouse. I have searched in FSUIPC trying to find the item matching these bottons in order to assign a key to it, but I haven't find it at all.  Does it exist or no? Thank you.


If you mean the autopilot mode buttons for speed select, heading sleect and altitude slect, then the FS controls for those are clearly listed in FS and in FSUIPC. In FSUIPC they would be one or more of these














There are also "PANEL" versions, AP_PANEL ..." of some of these. Please see the list installed in your FSUIPC Documents folder, or just look through the AP controls in the assignment dropdown.


Those names are as listed in FSUIPC's drop downs and are the internal names FS uses. The numbers are the actual control numbers sent in messages.


However, if you are using an add-on aircraft, like the Aerosoft Atibus, they might have their own autopilot controlled by their own controls. Many such add-on aircraft do their own thing and you'd need to research that separately.



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On the Airbus those knobs can be pushed or pulled. Each action has a different consequence.


And they are?


Anyway, I checked on the default A321 in FSX, with "Event Logging" enabled in FSUIPC so I could see what controls it used.


The SPD adjustment knob, when pushed, actually sends "AP PANEL SPEED HOLD".  I don't know how to "pull" it. The control is a toggle, so each time you press that knob it turns the mode on or off.


Likewise the heading adjuster, when pressed, sends AP PANEL HEADING HOLD, another toggling control.


Unsurprisingly the ALT knob operates the toggle AP PANEL ALTITUDE HOLD.


I think these controls are pretty universally used on aircraft with MCP-type displays for their Autopilots. They are certainly easy enough to find in the FSUIPC assignments, and of course in FS's own assignments, though FS doesn't use the formal names in its menus.



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