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KEWR Terminal Assignment Question for Tower 2011!


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So I recently acquired the EWR map for Tower 2011! and I am having an enjoyable time playing it. Unfortunately, I've noticed something strange about the way the game will assign gates for arrival aircraft. It seems to do so sequentially, such as United has all of Terminal C, which has three concourses, but arrivals will only fill in one concourse until there are no free gates remaining and only then will arrivals be assigned to the other concourse until it is full and so on. Any free gates from departures from the previously filled concourse will be immediately assigned. It will also fill them in left to right instead of a more "random assignment." This is occurring for all three terminals at the airport. 

I'm just wondering if there is a fix for this, or is it stuck that way?


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Gate assignments are made by airline, and can be viewed or altered by going to the "Airfields" folder in the Tower!2011 directory, and searching for the file: Newark_Airport_terminal.txt.  More information can be found on how best to modify this file in the Sticky post by David Parker at the top of this forum, and specifically in the file below:



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The games fills the gates in the order they have been entered in the editor, the only way to make it "random" is to go into the editor and start shuffiling the gates around.

Instead of having 1,2,3,4,5 in sequance, you could move 3 to another concourse and replace it with say gate 17 and so on, that should give you the result your after. I did it myself at LAX international terminal.



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Thank you so much! This was very helpful! 

I'm just curious, if an airline occupies more than one terminal, such as American airlines occupying terminal A,B, and C, is there a way to have them go to all three and not just fill in A first?

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