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Tower!3D: Runway Alert?


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Not sure if this is a bug or if I just don't know what I'm doing.  I'm playing LAX and I got a runway alert from a plane landing on 24R against a Plane taking off on 25R.  Doesn't sound correct to me but what do I know.  I tried to upload the output log but it kept telling me I could only upload 20 KB even thou the file was only 8 KB.




edit:  added game to post title.  please, in addition to topic of question in title please include the game.  please review -


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Just want to let people know that may have this same issue.  I think I found a work around.  At LAX when I start I only activate 24R and 25L.  I can still have them take off from 24L and 25R and I don't seem to have the Runway Alert issue.  Maybe that's the way it's suppose to be set but I always thought you had to have all the runways you were using active.  It also makes it so I don't have to keep changing landing planes to the other runway, they always come in on the runway I want them to.

I also found how to re-set the score because I was something like -5000.  While I was in the reg I noticed that your reg entry for the control hours is set to a 32 bit DWORD and it's saying the value in it's invalid, looks like a binary entry, probably why the control time is always 00:00.


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You are correct and this is true of the real world as well.  KLAX and other airports with a similar layout of 4 or more parallel runways (KDFW and KATL for example) normally use the outboard runways for landing and the inboard one for takeoffs.  This keeps the separation of approaching aircraft at a maximum, thereby increasing the safety margin for parallel approaches.  Some airports do make do with much less separation (KSFO is the classic example), but these are more the exception than the rule.

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I've just experienced this 'runway alert' for runways which weren't marked as active in KLAX (I did the two outer for landings and two inner for takeoffs). One landing on 6L, one lined up on 7L.

I tried to upload the log file however it's too large for the forum... :/

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