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Tower 2011 Arrival Skipping


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I just have a quick question. I've been enjoying Tower 2011 immensely and I've been using real traffic as well as some add-on airplanes. I've recently taken to create schedules by hand, from 5am to 23 at night with data from flight aware. I've noticed a discrepancy with the game generating traffic. Departures are fine and they will pop up when they're suppose to according to the schedule, but sometimes arrivals will be skipped over entirely, not just one or two flights but a full 10 minute block of arrivals with maybe 5-6 flights. Eventually they will show up, but sometimes immensely late, and it happens quite often.  The sliders for both arrivals and departures are set to full in the settings. I'm just wondering if I've done something wrong with my schedule, or if there is something I haven't done yet to get those arrivals. to work?

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Arrivals are dictated by the number of open gates at the airline's designated terminal(s).  Try setting your departure slider higher than you arrival slider to try to ensure more open gates.  Arrivals will not arrive if there is no open gate.

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I think it may be the lack of gate space. Its for the new LGA Map, and unfortunately, the game seems to load a plane for every gate even though the schedule is built so that an arrival will cover for the future departure. I'm now trying to overhaul my departures so the first 10-15 minutes open up enough gates at all of the terminals. 

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