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P3D and fsuipc conflict?

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Hi Pete,

I get a really strange problem, my home cockpit with P3D now works quite well. If you are flying almost daily okay, flights and settings all saved.
While if I'm gone for a lot of days (as in these holidays even more than 10 days) and come back to fly, run my PC server and p3d remain in loop. check all and:

FSUIPC are not present in addon modules

but also P3D reset .cfg, - controls saved in fsuipc and start default flight with F22 Raptor at Edgar base.

I go to see the saved flights folder does not exist anymore, moreover also the .dll that is in the folder P3D roaming data is absent.

There is a kind per case of conflict with FSUIPC?

thanks for the help Simone

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36 minutes ago, sisoffi said:

There is a kind per case of conflict with FSUIPC?

No, not possible. The reason FSUIPC is not loading is simply that your missing roaming folder for P3D would contain the DLL.XML file which tells P3D which add-on modules to load. 

I've no idea how your system can get corrupted when it is switched off for days, but you might start looking at the possibility of bad hardware, like a failing disk or motherboard.




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