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Tower3D - Feelthere or Nyerges question?


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The maybe a Feelthere question or one for Nyerges

I have installed the real trafic with real airline names but instead of the A/c saying the airline call sign, some are spelt out, Jet Blue for example... "J-E-T-B-L-U-E 1234" instead of "Jet Blue 1234"

There were others, I cant remember just now, but Jet Blue stuck out as there were a lot of flights for them in particular.

Anybody else noticed this?


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I have Tower!3D SP2 with Nyerges Real Traffic and have not heard airlines spelled out in voice commands. Jet Blue has always been pronounced as Jet Blue.  What I have noticed is that some airlines are either displayed as: for example, Jet Blue 2316 or JBL2316 in the drop down command text window, but the voice is always Jet Blue.

Sorry, but not much help today.


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This is the entry in my klax_airlines.txt file:

//ICAO, IATA, call sign, airline, country
JBU, B6, JETBLUE, JetBlue Airways, United States

And I get the airline pronounced.  After over 5,000 landings and takeoffs I have never, that I can recall had the airline spelled out.  I have used the default schedules, the customer Dick Parker schedules and the Nyerges Real Traffic schedules.  They all have pronounced the airline.


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