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11 hours ago, dickparker said:

Compass Airlines (CP, CPZ, Compass) is included in Schedule Creator for Tower! 2011.  I have mine stationed in Terminal 4 at LAX.  It is included in Tower3D.

I think you missed my point. I was really referring to how the Tower schedules/real color handles the situation of an airline flying for multiple carriers (American Eagle and Delta Connection). I'm pretty sure you see only one livery and all flights go to a single terminal where in reality Compass operates out of Terminal 5 (and 6) as Delta Connection and 6 as American Eagle. I've attached a screenshot of Compass flights from FlightStats illustrating the situation.

PS1 - I dug a little deeper and it looks Skywest operates on behalf of American, Delta, and United at LAX. 

PS2 - Does the codeshare value in the schedule file serve a purpose. Does it (can it) be used to determine the appropriate livery?  





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I decided to try and answer PS2 myself. On page 82 of the Tower!2011 Multiplayer Edition manual it states "The IATA code listed at the end of the description is where the aircraft be parked at the departure and arrival airports". Assuming the end of the description refers to the last field (codeshare airline ID) described in the Schedule Editing section, then I don't think the software works as documented.

I created the following schedule.txt file to test this out (OO - Skywest, MQ - Envoy, AA - American)


Based on the documentation, you would think both planes would be parked at an AA terminal. That was not the case. SKW5400 was parked at Terminal E and ENY5401 was parked at Terminal B, which maps to my terminal file entries for SKW and ENY. I have AAL mapped to A, C, and D.

Attached are screenshots of my strip and liveries. So, based on this test it appears to me that the airline ID (4th field in the schedule file) determines livery, callsign, and parking assignment. At this point, I'm not sure what purpose the codeshare airline ID serves.




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Same here, that's why I was surprised when I read the documentation - which is obviously not correct. It would be cool to see Compass/Skywest/etc in their appropriate multiple liveries and park accordingly, but I'm thinking that's not a feature we'll be seeing anytime soon and I doubt it's a showstopper for anyone.  

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