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Ver 4.957 - value to activate the parking brake

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With all due respect to all participants and moderators of this forum, BUT is it not enogh already that almost every answer posted here starts with "Did you read ..."?

And is it not enough that you make us feel like small children at school who did not do their homework?!

Kindly do show us the respect due to clients, whether they read manuals or not!

If you are going to keep blaming us for not reading the manuals then just ignore our requests and go about your lives! Do not answer our "stupid ignorant" questions!

Enough already!!!

You can ban me from this whole site if you  annot take criticism!

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On 10/16/2016 at 10:07 AM, ammarmalhas said:

With all due respect to all participants and moderators of this forum, BUT is it not enogh already that almost every answer posted here starts with "Did you read ..."?

This is most unfair. The person asking was using an application which relies completely on using offsets directly. There's no way anyone can remember them all, so they have to be looked up! I suppose that SIOC user did not refer to any documentation about using SIOC?

This isn't about simple user facilities in FSUIPC but PROGRAMMING. Programmers always need to look things up.

Even then, Thomas did look it up for him and give the answer.

If you don't like this Forum I suggest you stay away rather than be so nasty to volunteer effort like that from Thomas.



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Well I disagree. It is not just this topic here but it seems almost all your answers start (and continue to be) offensive or severly defensive!
 especislly you Mr. Peter, you seem to always harras people a d demean their questions by blaming them for not reading your holy bi le!!!

I suggest you do not answer tbaose you think are lazy and do not read your holy words!

You are selling a product and we are your customers and you owe us some respect!!!!

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     Firstly i would like to thank those that are helping me through this issue and I have had progress since posting here. I understand ammarmalhas frustration with posting on this forum yet a more respectful manner could've been more appropriate.. There is A LOT of information for SIOC and other supported devices so I understand there may be things I may not have read due to not having them. yet, Progress has slow but there is light at the end of the tunnel, At this moment I did confirm the offset to be correct but unclear on if there is any setup or programming of FSUIPC in FSX to "read" the input switch to begin the script.

     When I run my FSUIPC Console (to view all inputs into FSX) I'm unable to see an action performed when I flip my switch. However, I can control my parking brake with SIOC by manually switching the variable from 0 to 32767 and seeing the engagement / disengagement in FSUIPC console and in FSX but my LED is not lighting up. You've seen in previous posts that im using the script & .ini files that are provided by Mr.Valez in his instructions.

Raymond Piette

South Florida

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9 hours ago, Volker Heine said:

Hello ???,

Have you unloaded all your crap and trouble now?
You do not even have the courtesy of a salutation yet sign your garbage with your own name.
Please do not write another meaningless text.

Volker Heine


My name is my user name Mr Volker Brine.

Second, no salutation is because my comment was not addressed to anyone specific!

Third, my garbage is my opinion and I never insulted anyone especially you. I will refrain from addressing u as I should, out of courtesy to others.

Fourth, if you think my text is meaningless why the heck did you react so offensively?

I am shocked at the tolerance the "moderators" show when offensive and abusive attacks (as urs) are in their favor!

I will not leave this forum despite you and your likes (Volker) ... I am expecting to be kicked out any moment, though. Seems I have commited the greatest of sins and voiced my  concern!!!!!!!!!!


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Good news. the case is resolved.

when I flip the switch, my led is lighting up- annunciator, and FSX is on parking brakes, flip again it goes off. Perfect.

I goofed, somehow when I was trying to get it going the Master line in the ini file was switched.. When I put it back, it worked.

The script was good, the value in Fsuipc to apply the parking brakes was good - thank you for this one, there was not m,uch left.

I went to the ini file and fixed it.  Experience shows me that it is always the two bits issue that will fail you !

Thank you


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Dear Pete,

As I wrote in this other topic



Despite me being one of those nasty people who criticized some of your writings or those of other moderators, I COMPLETELY agree with Don.

YOU have been an extremely valuable contributor to our sim world. It will simply not be the same without what you have done and continue to do. No words could start to praise and thank you enough.

PLEASE, if I am one of those who may have caused you some despair, PLEASE accept my deepest apologies for i have NEVER intended to undermine your excellent work or demean your contributions in any way.

I, as most simmers out there, owe you a lot and respect you a lot and would hurt to see you "hang it up", PLEASE DO NOT.

Your likes should never quit, not until God interferes ...  and we all quit. I wish a long healthy and prosperous life.

Kindly do accept my apology if I had been a cause of any grief to you.

Bless you.



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