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I just bought Tower 3D on Oct 25th, but when i click help in the program it opens a Web Page that says Tower 3D Pro Manual, and it tells something about a PTT button and speech recognition availability but i can´t find any of that in the program. So, it's a little bit confusing, do I have the PRO or the regular?. I read also that the PRO launching date will be this month so i dont know which version I have.

In case i don't have the PRO, Do i have to pay again for the pro version or it will be an update? And the speech recongintion will be better explained?

I see a walkthrough here that gives the creators good tips about what as users expect from a Simulator.

Thanks for any advice!!!


EDIT: video was removed, see Vic's comment below.

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You have definitely bought Tower3D not the Pro version, The manual although its heading says Tower3D Pro this is an oversite when they produced the manual. as for the upgrade to Pro they have said Pro will be a standalone version, BUT and I meen BUT, they may do a deal for 3D users , please don't quote me on this issue but this is what I believe to be the case at the moment. Needless to say there are no voice commands with the 3D version. 

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But will there be voice commands for the pro version? and I see that there will not be multimonitor configuration. So this sim is going backwards cause the 2011 version had all this. it's like they sacrificed all the interface, speech recognition and multimonitor setup for just being 3d? that's not good, let's wait for the final version! 

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I know that some parts of the video are wrong and the reviewer is not a sim enthusiast, cause he doesn't know about tower controlling, but you've to admit that the User Interface is a little bit deficient to change settings during game play and over all I think a keyboard manual would be nice like in the video to move the camera and stuff like that. In the other hand the simulation is amazing, I loved the 3d rendering of all the objects. I just want to know when, how and how much it's gonna be the pro version cause I need a lot the multiscreen and voice recognition setup to make my home simulator so more real!

Just take as important the parts he remark that matches the desires of the real users of Tower not the arcade subject.


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I bought Tower 3d Pro, its working great except voice recognition.

In tower 2011 voice recognition starts up when I start the game, and only listens when I press TAB, which is great.

Tower 3d Pro doesn't start voice up, and when I do use voice, it still listens with out me pressing the PTT button (LEFT SHIFT). The game only responds when I press

(LEFT SHIFT), but voice is picking up every single sound I make, and the issue is that it starts programs and grids etc.

Does anyone have an answer ?

Thanks in advance.



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16 hours ago, pseudopod52 said:


Start MS speech recognition but leave it turned off (stop listening), then everything will be fine, and only T3D Pro will respond to your voice commands.


Thanks Joe. I worked it out about 5 mins after I posted.. But thanks for your response buddy.. It was exactly as you said


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Can someone please help, I bought Tower 3d pro a couple days ago and can not for the life of me figure out voice recognition ( I have the pro version). iv followed the instructions on the manual, set up voice recognition on my computer and trained it so now i can control my computer and it works. iv read everything in this thread but nothing seems to work. when i speak, my computer hears me but not the game! im I missing something because i cant find one thread of people having the same problem, thanks 

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