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Turn coordinator not working ($036E)

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35 minutes ago, zrsk22 said:

Value is varing to the left from 255-127 and to the right from 0-127. But it must be to the left from -127 to the right +127.

As pointed out by Thomas, whether you interpret the 8 binary bits in a byte as signed or unsigned makes the different between a range of decimal values from -128 to +127 and 0 to 255. For example, -1 has all 8 bits set to 1 which is an unsigned value of 255. The highest bit is the sign bit in a signed value.




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I see now. Hence as I think it must be converted in this way:

Var 0109, Link FSUIPC_IN, Offset $036E, Length 1 // side slip
L0 = V0109
IF L0 > 128
L0 = L0 - 256
L0 = L0 * 5 // Calculate degrees for UAS-B
&skol = L0

 Thank you for help.

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