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Hi all,

I have had a look at the airlines lists that are inherent in the Tower 3D extension folders and it is clear that they need a refresh.  The order is not alphabetical which makes things difficult and may explain why there are so many repeated entries. Also included are 180+ defunct airlines and there are many other incorrect entries.  Now rather than just complaining I have spent a very long time trying to correct the list which I offer to feelthere & nyerges design. My refreshed text file is attached as is an excel spreadsheet showing: red entries for defunct airlines, and yellow highlights for my corrections.  My sources were the IATA Current Members list of 270 airlines plus the IATA Low Cost Carriers List both of which I got from the IATA website.  The remainder was checked on the internet and while I cannot guarantee that those sources are 100% correct I tried to double check wherever possible and believe the vast majority to be true.

Because I have corrected some airline codes and added new ones I have had to adjust the terminal and schedule files.  If feelthere & nyerges want me to hand those over as well I will.

Tower 3D Airlines.xlsx


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With Tower!2011 we have the capability (along with the Airfield editor) to improve the accuracy and realism by actually defining a gate or group of gates as a terminal. Do we (will we) have this capability with Tower!3D or is a terminal the lowest level of granularity in Tower!3D?   

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