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send STRG via FSUIPC

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i just want to use a Joistick as PTT Key for Teamspeak, which runs on the same PC then th FSX.

How can i do that? I have set the LEFT STRG in Teamspeak. What else must i do to have the Joistick Button for the PTT key?



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by the Way...attached is a Picture of all files in the Modules Directory.

In the File "FSUIPC4 User Guide.pdf" page 44 i found the attached second Picture.

There should be a list of all Keys in the Advanced user Guide.pdf page 81
I have just a file called "FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdf", but this has only 62 Pages and also nothing about keys.


It seams not so easy as you describe



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the Key's list is on page 21 in FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdf, wrong page No.

Open Button + Switches tab and press the joystick button to program, then select on the left Key press to repeat while held

Now select Set button and press Ctrl key plus a key (could be any), Close FSUIPC with OK button and then close FSX (P3D).

Open the FSUIPC4.ini file and go to [Buttons] section. Here I used Ctrl + A key so I have the line x=U0,10,K65,10  -{Key press: ctl+A}- (the x is just the number in your case).

Now just change the K65 to K0, that means it will send Ctrl without any kay just Ctrl, save the file and restart FS.

The new line here then looks like 1=U0,10,K0,10  -{Key press: ctl+(null)}-


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On 27.12.2016 at 11:05 AM, mroschk said:

very complicated.

Just go to the Button & Switches Tab, press the Joy Button and select Keypress & Hold.

Enter Number 17 ( vor the CTRL Key ) and check repeat while hold.


So easy

Yes, but don't forget to enter Key Release in "... when button released) Parameter 17

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