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could it it be possible to add some features like having more control over the weather and winds or even download real world winds?

Can we get planes under tow on the airports. Sometimes they get towed to and from hangars or cargo areas etc, we would have to tell them what taxiways to take. Makes it more challenging as well. 

Can we get an option to click the taxiways on the adirs to command where to taxi to rather than typing via or at alone? Also maybe have points on crossings where you can get them to hold their taxi? 

Can we get emergency options available like engine failures or return to stand needs or missen aproaches and go arounds?

Can the anti collision lights be removed from the planes tails? There is no lights up there in real world boeings nor airbusses. 

Can we add more planes options as now it is not very hard to control lax by myself with 100% traffic. 

Just some ideas for a future update etc?


thanks Marco

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Added some ideas
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Nice ideas, but some of them, like towing and emergencies, will likely have to wait for a future version.


As for the traffic level, learn to use the Schedule Creator by Dick Parker (posted at the top of the forum).  It makes it possible to create nearly any traffic level you like at any time of day or night.  Not to mention you can keep generating new schedules so that you do not see the same flights at the same tmie over and over.

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5 hours ago, biosuit said:

Can we add more planes options as now it is not very hard to control lax by myself with 100% traffic. 



you can add all the planes you want (to the point the sim ignores them as there are no gates available) by editing the schedule.  search this forum on how this is done.

some have also shared their schedules.

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I like the new ideas, but let's save it for the next Tower!XX (perhaps VR? :) ) version. 
Based on the feedback we got from you folks we are already discussing a possible next Tower!XX version for the future. When the decision will be made you can count on me opening a wishlist topic :)



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