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runway incursion 3D PRO and combox sugestion


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On crossing runways, if a landing AC is just crossing the other rwy when on that rwy a AC is departing  ( even on intermediate  take off) you get a runway incursion in the game, this is on every airport.

That should be corrected as it is not a runway incursion fault at all.

Example: at JFK intermediate take off rwy 31L at L landing AC at 4 L when Landing AC crosses 31L you get a rwy incurssion warning :).

 For the rest the game is nice improved JOB WELL DONE !

Maybe something that many will find handy: having the possibility to have the combox also in a seperate window, would be so handy and visual perfect when using 3 screens :) 

Dbrite on screen one, Adirs on screen two below that the combox, outside tower view on screen 3 then i gone get all hooked !!


Keep up the good work!

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Hi Viperone,

I just purchased JFK add on yesterday so now going through the posts to read up on it.

Interesting point you raise on the runway incursions. I was departing on 31L at KK last night and experienced the same thing as you with an arrival on 4L. When I was dinged I was pleasantly surprised; the reason being that in my research for Tower2011 years ago I read that no planes are to taxi through 31L to 4L via K whilst a plane is departing 31L at KK. Makes sense when you think of the jet blast it would create. I would assume the same would apply to landing aircraft on 4L to be suddenly hit by a blast on touchdown (I can't say that I read that anywhere though).

It may be by design (only the developers would know) or by booboo but it sort of makes sense.


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You: klm408 pushback approved, expect runway 31L

Him: klm408 ready for taxi

You: klm408 rynway 31L at KK

At KLAX of you don't own KJFK:

You: klm408 pushback approved, expect runway 25R

Him: klm408 ready to taxi

You: klm408 runway 25R at F




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