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Tower!3D Pro - No GA Arrivals


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Vic/FeelThere & TowerPros,

I've been playing SAN lately and noticed only GA departures and no arrivals using the provided GA schedule. I assumed it was because all the parking spots were taken. I started playing PHL and since there was no "real" GA traffic provided by Nyerges, I created my own GA schedule.The same thing occurred ... only GA departures and no arrivals. But at KPHL there were plenty of available parking spots. So, I went back to SAN to run a test. I created a GA schedule to include one departure and three arrivals. And for the regular schedule at had one departure and one arrival. I began session at 07:00 and got the expected  results ... one GA departure, one commercial departure, one commercial arrival. ... and no GA arrivals.

Looking at the game.log it appears the GA arrivals aren't being picked up during the "search external data" step. I've attached the game log and the schedule files I used for this test. I assume this isn't an isolated issue but am curious to what others are seeing. Vic - thanks in advance for looking into this.





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The only GA arrivals I have seen is when the departing airport is the same as the arrival airport.  In my instance, KSAN to KSAN.

Other than that, the only GA traffic has been at TIST or KSAN, and only departures and not arrivals that I can remember. I have not tried stop n go, touch n go or low approach.  Maybe this weekend.


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I updated the file using SAN,SAN but they still showed up as departures and never came back as arrivals.

Vic, GA arrivals appears to be a bug that needs looking into. Also, shouldn't there have been some GA traffic delivered for LAX, PHL, and JFK as part of Real Traffic? 



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