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KLAX Issues and am I on the right version?

Dana Rippey

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I hardly ever post in here because I know 3D is new and I've just been updating as updates come out.  I updated this morning the most recent upgrade possible sent out yesterday from Feel There, or whoever.  I'm still having the same issues.  I've been playing at different hours in KLAX but seems to happen no matter what hour you're playing at.  I get pinged or points knocked against me if a plane is landing say on runway 24R while one is crossing 7R, which is a completely different runway and on different sides of the airport, or vice versa.  Same thing happens if I have one lined up and waiting to take up on 7R or 7L and an arrival is coming in to land on 24R or 24L, I get knocked off for points because it's a runway alert.  I'm not sure what all these updates are supposed to fix, but this one really needs to be fixed because this is very frustrating and is not right at all.  I always have planes taking off or landing on 7R, 7L, 24R and 24L, obviously when they're clear to do so.  If they're not, then I have them hold position at the end of the runway until traffic has landed or whatnot.

I like running LAX because it's a busy airport and really is a trying game.  The others are not as busy and I feel very slowed down.

I also do not see anyway to have multiplayer on 3D Pro and I know I upgraded to Pro when it came out.  I'm not even sure if it installed correctly and it's kind of hard to tell the difference.  Is it supposed to say 3D or 3D Pro in the upper right-hand corner?  Mine just says 3D, nothing else.


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Sounds like you are selecting the incorrect tower3d.exe.  Unfortunately they are called the same but in different directories.
C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower 3D\tower3d.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\tower3d.exe

Then if you have the Steam version it will be in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\

Here is the Tower!3D opening screen and then the Tower!3DPro opening screen.



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I think you are right, RickyJ.  I will look into this and see if that is the issue, the directory issue that is.  My opening screen looks like the above, but I don't have traffic density options or multiplayer.  Interesting?  I wonder if I got the right link when I bought the thing.  But I will look into this.


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