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Not sure what's going on, but i can't get any of the voice recognition to work in Tower 3d Pro. I have Tower 2011, and the voice works great! I cannot get it to recognize any commands. Is there a help guide that will help with the different commands. I have realized that there are different commands/statements in Tower 3d, than there is in tower 2011. I would really like to be able to utilize the voice in Tower 3d Pro

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I finally was able to somewhat get it working. Now another problem that I can't figure out. I am running this with two monitors and I place the strips and ADIRS on the second monitor. Now, after a few minutes of running the program with voice, The adirs and the strips on the second monitor shut down and then the voice stops working. When I push the left shift button to talk, it just beeps. Any help, or has anyone else experienced this problem?

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There are performance issues that still need to be addressed when using a second monitor. The ADIRS, Strip, and DBRITE still randomly close - I assume it is related to GPU memory issues of some form or fashion. 

For best results issuing voice commands the main 3D window should have focus. I run into the beep issue a lot if I try to issue a command after doing something on the ADIRS window. Once I click back on the main 3D window, I can issue a voice command with no issues. Additionally, when performance is real bad, I've noticed you need to pause a second or two after pushing left shift and prior to speaking. 


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