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I just bought fsuipc also i am registered user.

I using p3d v3.3.5 prof. plus ,so my problem is when i wanna create a mouse macro it doesn't let me go to p3d i can not change anything there.

As soon load fsuipc the back ground is black ,there is no option for me to go p3d ,i have to close fsuipc  then i am back in p3d

any help would be nice

the other things are working fine only the macros do not work here

thanks muller

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that problems is mostly related to graphics driver. Just try P3D in windowed mode rather than in full screen mode. May be your graphics driver is out of date or the graphics card has a problem with that, if it works in windowed mode. FSUIPC does use the normal Windows function for its panel.


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Thomas thanks for the replay ,i did all the updates ,changed from full to window mode,played with the p3d settings as well

no luck here,i will reboot my whole system next week ,I don't know why this a problem here,if i click on fsuipc it becomes black in the background

running win 7 home prem 64 bit

I let you know next week with my reboot


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20 hours ago, muller23 said:

As soon load fsuipc the back ground is black ,there is no option for me to go p3d ,i have to close fsuipc  then i am back in p3d

The sim is unable to show anything in its Window whilst it is in Dialog Mode, and whilst you are in the FSUIPC Options you are in that mode. That is why there is a "black screen"!

To set up Mouse Macros (following the instructions in the user guide) you start Macro creation mode in the Options, and give the name of the macro file you want to create, when you OK out of the options. That will return you to normal flight mode in the Sim, but in Macro Creation mode. When you've done creating all your macros you go back into the options to tun the mode off and finish the macro file.

This is all explained in the documentation, with pictures!



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41 minutes ago, muller23 said:

i dont see any Macro Creation mode in flight mode,no writing there on top

On top of what? If you mean you don't get the translucent window coming up "on top" when you click on a switch or dial it simply means that there is no normal C/C++ type gauge programming support for that action, but most likely just an XML module. Most modern add-on aircraft do not use the gauge tools which are amenable to mouse macros.  Even the default aircraft have many gauges which are not built using the standard gauge tools for C/C++ gauges and are therefore not able to support mouse macros.

For most XML-based gauges the method is generally to use L:Vars (local panel vairables), but not even those work on all add-ons. it just depends how they are built.



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