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Nothing happens when pressing the shift button


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I purchased the pro version today and went on to play on St. Thomas, but whenever I hold the shift button down and say something, nothing happens or appears in the little box. I tried looking through the internet and went on to change my computer language to English US, set up my mic, train my computer and so on, but nothing changed. I've tried the other 2 airports as well and it's the same problem. 


My current computer language is danish, but when I tried to do it, it was set to English US as someone in another post on the internet said it should be that.

I'm on Windows 10 and I use a Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1. Let me know if you need more information. 


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You should have a shortcut Icon even with steam, if you haven't go to properties under your Pro heading by right clicking and change the icon  setting, as well as Local files and run the file for integrity , you can then run Pro through admin rights, using the icon on your desktop. I hope this may help otherwise I'm running out of ideas.

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Okay.. I didn't really find out how to make it run as an administrator, however, I verified the integrity of the game and at first there were 2 files missing.. I tried opening up the game again and say something but still the same problem. I then tried to just verify again and now 1 file was missing - tried again, still the same. Now whenever I verify there's always 1 file missing. Maybe there's something that keeps getting deleted? 

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A'ight! It works! I just had to open it as an administrator in the gamefolder itself. ( Steam - Steamapps - common - Tower 3D Pro ) 


Thank you so much for your help! I've liked all of your comments because you put effort into trying to help! :)

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