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TIST runway 28 taxiway D hold position to close taxiway A

Michael S

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I have latest steam version Tower!3d pro sp2, 
real traffic sp4v2 and all real color for all airports installed, but the problem was before i installed addons too.

I use speech recognition.

Airport TIST, runway 28 active.

When smal GA airplane arrives runway 28 and are assigned to main terminal for parking.

Then smal airplane landing at Runway 28 and its turn to taxiway D and move to hold position who are to close taxiway A, so airoplane who are taxing from main terminal for departing runway 28 stop behind taxiway D and cant continue taxi to Runway 28, so you have to delete one of airoplane, so you can tell one who are left continue taxi.

You have no time for telling the Pilot/airoplane who are landing at 28 "callsign exit at taxiway C".

Do we have a work around for this bug problem when you use speech recognition?



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I hope i can revive this old topic. I play without speech. The problem is that aircraft that exit rwy 28 via exit D (or C) block the runway towards E (and further).

Noob solution woud be to ammend the game so aircraft stop sooner so aircraft can pass when aircraft hold at C or D.

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