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  1. cHabu

    custom schedule questions

    Thanks Ben (and Pete), this way i can just add the easyJet (EZY) colour to easyJet Europe (EWE) flights in a EDDS schedule.
  2. cHabu

    custom schedule questions

    Hope its oke to hack this topic 😉 What defines the aircraft livery in what file when making a custom schedule ? Thanks Chris.
  3. Ben, Bought the EDDS DLC while on sale and played your custom schedule for EDDS (full schedule). (Not sure if this schedule is based on a real time schudule...) Some 'errors' i have discovered while playing the first few morning hours: - ABR does not operate flight using the ABR code AFAIK but uses the TAY code. (TAY operates both Belgian and Irish registered aircraft in ASL colours and in hybrid FedEx colours), the ABR6 flight i handled does not excist. - There's a BCS flight in the schedule being operated with a B757-300. BCS only operates the B757-200 (in DHL colours) although some flight are being operated by the A330F. - SHI is an Iranian operator who does not seem to excist (anymore). If it ever had flights to EDDS, i am pretty sure it was a one-off charter. I'm working on some of the callsigns which come out a bit weird 😉 Regards, Chris.
  4. Just downloaded the latest version and found an error: Brussels Airlines has BEL as code not DAT. Keep up the hard work 😉 Rgds, Chris.
  5. cHabu

    4TH of JULY Independence Day SALE!!!

    Finally got some additional DLCs for a decent price, awsome ! Time to download some custom schedules 😄
  6. A bit weird to compare an airline (Cityline) to an IT company (Lufthansa Systems) but i understand were you are going to 😉 Check Google for ICAO and IATA. It would be weird to copy what's on the web IMHO 😉 Rgds, Chris.
  7. Did not know the A321 is already in the game, but the A321s under the LEVEL brand are not being operated by Iberia. The (Austrian registered) A321 are being operated by Vueling for Anisec Luftfahrt.
  8. Delete 'Airlines' from the name, it is just AtlasGlobal. They just started operating the Airbus A330 (TC-AGL). Just wondering if LEVEL is also going to be added in the near future and if so, what types....
  9. Although this is speculation, i assume Eurowings will operated the A321 either to the Mediterranian or high yield European routes.
  10. Eurowings is to take over five former Nike/Air Berlin Airbus A321 aircraft. These are scheduled to be added to the fleet from April 2019 but it is not know were these will be based and what routes these will be operating. It would be weird if they already had been included in any DLC. Rgds, Chris.
  11. BTW, if you buy the real colours add-on, colours on aircraft used in the linked DLC are important to me (referring to the Air Transat comment in the BCN early look) @ATControl -- Joe
  12. I hope BCN will also have lights on the remote stand. Good to see some new types at BCN. Curious if both A220 types have been added (Swiss uses both types).
  13. Ben, Can you tell what has changed ? Rgds, Chris.
  14. cHabu

    Tower!3D (PRO) Bug fixes (TIST & KSAN)

    Thanks Ariel. @nyergesdesign it would be awesome if you also reply to this query as its seems you are the go-to regarding the aircraft. 😉
  15. I just bought the game (and some real traffic/ real colours add-ons) and discovered some well known bug. @FeelThere i was wondering if you can tell me when the well known 'B6/C6' bug in KSAN will be fixed. At TIST aircraft arriving via RWY 28 and using exit C or D move to far towards the taxiway, so passing aircraft get stuck. Reading this forum this is also a well know bug. Can you tell me when this will be fixed ? Can you make the cargo apron south of taxiway C at TIST active, so cargo aircraft can be added to the schedule. Requesting also to fix the missing aircraft types (like the Fokker 50, but i understand from other forum members there are more). Thanks, Chris.

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