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  1. But it does not use the BA callsign, correct ? Rgds, Chris.
  2. The next vote is for a European Retro pack ? 😉
  3. Honolulu seems to be one of the new airports if i understand a reply on facebook correctly.
  4. I know negative remarks are not very welcome in the Tower3D community but KRDU seems to have been rushed with the amount of faults in the basic schedule. I also find it disappointing the NG-ramp has not been included in the game (with some NG flighs in the schedule). Regards, Chris.
  5. @nyergesdesign Gabor, any info on when this will be fixed ? I bought KRDU today and there are still issues with the schedule (both Airlines and GA). Regards, Chris.
  6. KRDU - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached For some reason i am able to give (biz)jets runway 14 for landing but there is no option to let them vacate the runway (backtrack ?). In the log file as 'map error' (see second screenprint). I assume runway 14 should not be available for landing ? Note: schedule used that comes with the DLC. Regards, Chris.
  7. With both the DLC and the real colour files on sale, i decided to fill in some of the DLC gaps 😉 Have played YMML a few time and curious as i am i have looked at some files. Can anybody tell me what ' terminal' is located in the 'Whiskey area' south ot the airport ? Has that been filed as Cargo ? (How do i find out what is what in other airport DLCs ? (The same goes for the question: what are designated widebody gates/parking.) Thanks, Chris.
  8. Hope its oke to hack this topic. Just noticed KRDU on the Steam store page and looking at the airport in Google maps i also see it has a National Guard apron. Can anyone confirm that apron is also active in the game (so we finally have some mil to play around with) ? Regards, Chris.
  9. Not sure where to post this, so i hope @Pringle does not mind me hacking his topic. A heads-up for the custom schedule editors: Kuwaiti airline Jazeera has just started operating into Gawick daily with A320 equipment. Rgds, Chris.
  10. The majority reason Thomas Cook went under is the fact that more and more travelers do not buy package deals via such airlines anymore. Using websites and apps you can now search for your own cheap hotel and tickets. Thomas Cook did not 'go with the flow', changed their company policy in time to become 'just a normal airline; if you will. Now it has to pay the cost for that.
  11. Was not planning to respond, but i can't help it to do just that. Cleaning up the file that @nyergesdesign provided took me some 30 minutes, so 'time consuming' is not a valid excuses to provided 'us' with a faulty file like this 😉
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. In that case i do hope the steam workshop will be enabled in a next version so we can make our own liveries and not be depended on inacurate files. (It should not be so difficult to clean up these files, or am i wrong ?)
  13. I downloaded a custom airport file and discovered the airlines.txt file contains several incorrect data. I do not know if these are common, so i thought i'd start a list so other custom schedule editors can peek at the list and possible ammend their list. (Perhaps @FeelThere can check their master file and possible ammend ?) - Delete JAT/JU, replace by ASL/JU, AIR SERBIA, Air Serbia, Serbia - Ammend TFL/OR: correct call sign is ORANGE, correct name is TUI Airlines Netherlands. - Delete Contact Air (or replace with Kish Air, who is currently operating with code KIS, IATA
  14. @battlehawk77 just downloaded this schedule. GA: EFD; changed its name to E-Aviation a while ago. No biggy, just an FYI.
  15. A bit late to the party (i have to save up funds to buy the DLCs and additonal files) but i acquired EGKK about a week ago. Using 26R for landings is a good option when traffic is heavy. I tried 08L for departure but that gave some weird taxi routes 😉 (Yeh, i know 08L-26R is an emergency runway but i was curious.) I don't have much problems using 26L for departure because i use every intersection for departures when possible (up till 'C' for narrowbody aircraft). I can't use voice commands, so i have a small text file with the most used commands. I copy/paste them in the box when
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