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Tower! 3D Pro KPHL issue #FEELTHERE

Controller- Rogue

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I was doing some custom scheduling and noticed a departure flight was getting dropped, which confused me because looking at the terminal there (should be) two gates available making it a non gate issue, however would appear that it is a gate issue. I dropped a flight from the schedule and re-ran it and boom there was the missing flight. The terminal is terminal D at KPHL see screenshots below. Has anyone ever noticed planes using these two gates? I ran the default RT at different times and did not see those two gates used . I tried it without RT and saw 1 plane using one of the gates so its possible that RT is for some reason unable to use the two gates.



**The "GATE D1 & GATE D2" labels are from a KPHL terminal map and may not be what they are referred  to by the game**

RT kphl d.jpg

kphl d.jpg

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The issue appears to be with the aircraft type, as you can see in the post above without real traffic a turbo prop DH8 was parked at one of the mentioned gates, and it would appear that only prop/turbo prop planes are currently allowed to park at those gates.(see image below)However none of the airlines that use this terminal(D) use those planes making these two gates unusable.

Is there a reason behind this limitation at these gates?



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