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  1. Controller- Rogue

    **Early Look** Major Update -- NEW liveries for LAX (locally) & T3D Pro!

    I can't speak for others but for me this isn't about "MeeToo" it's about the community as a whole having an input. Thank you to @ATControl -- Joe & @nyergesdesign for their work on this, but I feel like others should have a chance to have an input and not just one person, but the community coming together to make a list of updates/improvements they would like to see, that was the point of the post you reference- for us to work together to make the game better.
  2. I like the idea, as most people know(either from creating schedules or using them) that there are white planes, and a decision has to be made to change the aircraft or leave it white, which can be annoying/frustrating. I am glad to see that @nyergesdesign is looking to the community to help improve the game for everyone. If the cooperation is there, as @crbascott mentioned we can look at how we can compare lists/input for future improvements and updates.
  3. Controller- Rogue

    Strange schedules...

    I found all those flights in my Real Traffic KLAX schedule. The reason the SWA arrivals did not happen is because if you choose the 07:00 start time the SWA terminal is full. Arrivals only come in if there is a gate available, usually the game will spawn it as a late arrival when a gate becomes free.
  4. Controller- Rogue

    *** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (real life airport timetables) ***

    Permission granted.
  5. Controller- Rogue

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    Thanks for the feedback guys, glad people are enjoying this busy KSFO schedule. Due to people having different real colour add-ons there isn't really anything we can do about white planes when creating the schedules. If you find a white plane you are free to change it on your end.
  6. Controller- Rogue

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    As hexed said real colour is attached to the VX(Virgin) so it will show up as an normal Alaska flight just with a Virgin livery, also there is only an Alaska A320 livery in KLAS and KMCO RC at the moment. Having too many Alaska A320's right now would be unrealistic anyway, it's hard to say for sure but its a safe bet the majority are still under Virgin liveries.(that is why you are seeing the VX code)
  7. Controller- Rogue

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    The VX is only there for the real colour In the airlines file in the zip they are listed as, ASA, VX, ALASKA, Alaska Airlines, United States
  8. Controller- Rogue

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    Greetings all, You voted and here it is, KSFO real custom schedule!!! Including new airlines file GA traffic new terminal file Enjoy also check out my KLAX Christmas Schedule KLAX Christmas- Version 3 KSFO July'18 v1.zip
  9. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas Schedule

    Congrats, yes very busy :)
  10. Controller- Rogue

    Vote for next airport schedule

    The vote is now closed. We have a WINNER- KSFO will be my next schedule!!! Thank you for participating!! 😁
  11. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas Schedule

    This post is to inform everyone that I have updated the zip file- see the update notes above. Enjoy!
  12. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas Schedule

    As far as I can tell there are are a few possibilities for why the American terminal could be empty Gate size, there are some heavy jets(788,772,77W) AAL flights, those planes can only park at a few of the gate allocated to AAL in game this could cause the game to drop these flights if it puts a smaller jet at one of these gates. Continuing flights- departure flights that are paired with an arrival, the sim often uses an arrival plane for a later departure, which could make it seem like AAL terminal is empty as @crbascott pointed out to me there are time gaps with departures, thus it could seem empty until some of these continuing flights come in. I'm considering updating the zip to include 1 hour snippets, though that will not help with the terminal looking empty, but it would help with any gate availability issues that could cause a flight to be dropped.
  13. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas Schedule

    -deleted message-
  14. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas Schedule

    Yes, but is it just specific times you are noticing it?
  15. Controller- Rogue

    KLAX Christmas Schedule

    Are you using the full schedule or snippets of it? Do you have a time that you tried? I'll see what I can find

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