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  1. Controller- Rogue

    Tracon 2012 - Busy Times

    Below is a chart that shows the arrivals and departures for KLAX in Tracon 2012 using Real Traffic. Hope this helps *Times are local time*
  2. Controller- Rogue

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    To be fair that's the reason why there is a ""Let's get a new version of T3D before any more airports are released,"(as you put it,) is because FT have stopped working on the sim(game) as far as the engine is concerned, meaning there won't be any new features, or bug fixes in the current version. We have to wait for the new version to get new features etc. We are only going to be getting new airports in this version.
  3. Controller- Rogue


    I don't have it so I can't comment too much but both the 738 and 73H point to B738 and it's that B738 code that the textures point too, unless that changed(not sure why that would change.) AAL example 738 and 73H both have colour because they both point to B738_aa.jpg in the manifest, and the log shows, Airplane tex found: B738_aa
  4. Controller- Rogue


    The 73H and the 738 both point to B738 in the airplanes file, B738 is what would be used for real colour. The difference between the two is that the 73H has winglets and the 738 does not.
  5. Controller- Rogue

    Custom Schedule Tutorial???

    You don't need Excel or Open Office, or even Libre Office(another free alternative) though one of those would make it easier. I use to do it by hand, now with some help I developed my own system in Excel, much easier and faster and less prone to errors(typos)
  6. Controller- Rogue

    Tower3D: a few questions from a newbie

    Any DLC Real Traffic, Airports etc, should work if you go the steam route, you just have to make sure they are installed into the Tower folder in your Steam directory and you are good to go ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Controller- Rogue

    Tracon 2012 keeps crashing

    Jason, That is odd, but likely something to do with your setup, either way though it would be best to attach a log file(which can be found in your Tracon!2012 folder) so that anyone that's going to try and help you can see what is happening. Also are you running the game in admin mode? if not does that solve the issue?
  8. Controller- Rogue

    KPHX Custom Canadian schedule V0.2

    Ah, that makes sense, interesting idea tho ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Controller- Rogue

    KPHX Custom Canadian schedule V0.2

    So they are random flights vs just changing the airline of existing flights? lol when you put it that way WestJet is our SouthWest.... you could think of it NorthWest instead of SouthWest๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Controller- Rogue

    KPHX Custom Canadian schedule V0.2

    Interesting, are the flights fantasy(random/made up) or are they actual flights just under a Canadian airline?(real AAL flight as ACA for example) How did you chose what airline to change the flights to?
  11. Controller- Rogue

    Discrepancy Actual vs Schedule - KLAX

    This may also be why, LAX TPE 77W BR 15 00:49 (EVA missing from terminal file- I imagine the EVE in the terminal file is a typo and is suppose to be EVA) LAX MIA 748 CV 432 00:57(CLX missing from terminal file- however the airlines file lists CV as CVA, CV, CHATHAM, Air Chathams, New Zealand so who knows what one it was when the schedule was made.) HNL LAX 742 K4 369 01:48:00 AM(CKS missing from the terminal file)
  12. Controller- Rogue

    Which aiport should I purchase next?

    To be honest it kind of depends on what you are looking for(to me at least) Are you looking for Something busy with lots of traffic, or something a bit more laid back? Variety in the airlines(internationals)? Cargo/GA? As for general recommendations though, KJFK, KLAS, and KBOS are all good ones to consider. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I don't own any of the European airports, so I can't comment on them)
  13. Controller- Rogue

    Air France 789 and edelweiss in CYVR

    You should note that though Edelweiss does fly to CYVR, they do so on a seasonal basis(based of the above screenshot.) My guess is that it depends on the dates of that season vs when the Real Traffic schedule is produced. On the other hand there is a chance that Gabor from nyergesdesign could see this, and we could as that he include it for custom schedule makers, even if it's not in his Real Traffic schedule for CYVR.
  14. Controller- Rogue

    LEBL runway 02 issue

    Ah I stand corrected. However as I said since I don't own the airport it was only a guess. I've had my game lag and stuff before when the sim can't find a route.
  15. Controller- Rogue

    LEBL runway 02 issue

    If your game is starting to slow down and lag my guess would be that you are getting a road calculation error(they can't find a path to get to RWY02) However without a log file it's hard to tell if that's the case or not, I also do not own that airport either so all I can do is guess.

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