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  1. Yes, there are free options available, but unless you know spreadsheets I wouldn't worry about it and just continue doing what you have been doing.
  2. Do you have a spreadsheet program? Most of us use one for our schedules.
  3. I suggest you try and make a small schedule or two in the mean time to practice, and get a feel for it.
  4. I would also agree, you need to lean the basics of schedule making before you can really do anything.
  5. unfortunately if you want data from Christmas yes, you would have to buy it
  6. it doesn't matter nothing goes back that far... not at the airport level you would need to by a months worth of data to get what you are asking
  7. you can go back that far on a flight level... meaning if you were to search for a specific flight, yes you could see info for it from Christmas. you can not see more than the past couple days at the airport level to see a full schedule
  8. you make a forum post and attach the schedule that way, you also contact @pete_agreatguy
  9. according to the list the is no 737-800 Max livery for United for American you would need the pack for either KMCO, or KDFW for Southwest you would need the pack for any of the following KLAS, KMCO, KMEM, KSFO, KRDU since you want both American and Southwest you would want the KMCO real colour pack since it has both.
  10. real colour is a per airport type thing, which airport is it for, or are you referring to the bundle which comes with TIST, KPHL, KLAX?
  11. and what Max liveries are you looking for... which airlines? also the link I posted doesn't contain anything... it's just a list so you know what real colour pack you need for a specific livery(airline/plane combination)
  12. this is what you are looking for *edit* ignore the last three(B39M) those are the 900 max that I just noticed got caught in the image
  13. are you saying you don't have a spreadsheet program? in that case you will need to wait for someone to look into what ones include it for you.
  14. It will be in one of the real colour packs, with out looking I don't know what one, but the list in this link should tell you. If you already own a pack that is suppose to have it you need to update it, using the original link you got by email.
  15. You would put 7M8, the 3 character code, but if you don't see a livery that means you don't have the livery for the max.
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