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  1. Two things regarding FAOR: I don't own it, thus would be unable to test a schedule With the pandemic resulting in lower air traffic a realistic custom schedule wouldn't bring more traffic, you'd need to use the builder for that if it was included or someone would have to create a fantasy schedule to produce more traffic.
  2. I feel like this website was brought up before, but the amount of work that would be involved in just getting the data by having to click on each flight to get the aircraft for especially for only the odd person interested(only one person has said so, so far) is a bit much sorry. Even if multiple people were interested at that point it's too late and won't happen sorry, this is the chance to speak up, if you miss it it's your loss.
  3. Thank you for your interest, if there is more interested I will see what I can do. Note: Airport level data is only available for a week, after a week it has to be purchased, at that point I will no longer have access to the data to build a schedule. I say this because I don't want someone to be disappointed if there isn't a schedule because they only said so after the fact.
  4. Greetings everyone! As some of you may remember, I did a Christmas Schedule for KLAX in 2017 & 2018 and a New Years schedule for KMCO in 2019. I then did not do a Christmas schedule in 2019 nor a New Years schedule. The purpose of this post is to see if there would be any interest in either a Christmas or New Years schedule this year. Keep in mind that with the pandemic traffic will be lower than it would otherwise be this time of year. So the question is two-fold Is there any interest in either a Christmas or New Years schedule? Which airport? If there is en
  5. The output_log.txt file is in the Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Datathere folder. There is a paper clip at the bottom of the text box you can drag the file into and it will attach it to your post for you when you find it.
  6. That's why I suggested doing the speech training, I did it a couple of times and it's made a big difference.
  7. Have you tried training your voice in windows? It helps with the speech recognition.
  8. Your schedule is only arrivals? What exactly is the issue? Posting a log file from your Tower!3D folder would help.
  9. Yes, there are free options available, but unless you know spreadsheets I wouldn't worry about it and just continue doing what you have been doing.
  10. Do you have a spreadsheet program? Most of us use one for our schedules.
  11. I suggest you try and make a small schedule or two in the mean time to practice, and get a feel for it.
  12. I would also agree, you need to lean the basics of schedule making before you can really do anything.
  13. unfortunately if you want data from Christmas yes, you would have to buy it
  14. it doesn't matter nothing goes back that far... not at the airport level you would need to by a months worth of data to get what you are asking
  15. you can go back that far on a flight level... meaning if you were to search for a specific flight, yes you could see info for it from Christmas. you can not see more than the past couple days at the airport level to see a full schedule
  16. you make a forum post and attach the schedule that way, you also contact @pete_agreatguy
  17. according to the list the is no 737-800 Max livery for United for American you would need the pack for either KMCO, or KDFW for Southwest you would need the pack for any of the following KLAS, KMCO, KMEM, KSFO, KRDU since you want both American and Southwest you would want the KMCO real colour pack since it has both.
  18. real colour is a per airport type thing, which airport is it for, or are you referring to the bundle which comes with TIST, KPHL, KLAX?
  19. and what Max liveries are you looking for... which airlines? also the link I posted doesn't contain anything... it's just a list so you know what real colour pack you need for a specific livery(airline/plane combination)
  20. this is what you are looking for *edit* ignore the last three(B39M) those are the 900 max that I just noticed got caught in the image
  21. are you saying you don't have a spreadsheet program? in that case you will need to wait for someone to look into what ones include it for you.
  22. It will be in one of the real colour packs, with out looking I don't know what one, but the list in this link should tell you. If you already own a pack that is suppose to have it you need to update it, using the original link you got by email.
  23. You would put 7M8, the 3 character code, but if you don't see a livery that means you don't have the livery for the max.
  24. Correct, the schedule uses the 3 character code, not the 4 character, kinda like the airports, but the real colour liveries are tied to the 4 character code. Eg: B737_ua.jpg(the United 737 livery)
  25. Because the colour for the normal 737-800 is different than the 737-800 Max, the that's used for each is different. The code for the normal 737-800 is B738 the max versions is B38M
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