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Some questions about FSUIPC5 and PFCcom64

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HI, I have some questions about configuring my PFC C2 (Com1 Port).

I have red the instructions from both PFCcom64.DLL and FSUIPC5 and I am wondering, can I use a mix of  both utilities ? I would like to configure my throttle quadrants with FSUIPC5 and keep the rest within PFCcom64 (Yoke rudder ldg gear, lights...). If I do this, I have 6 different quadrants, should I create a profile for each in FSUIPC or should I create a profile per plane? Like if I use the 2 jets quadrant for the B737 and the B777 (both PMDG) I would need one or two profile? Do I also have to disable the quadrant in the PFCcom64?  Finally, if I understand the process, I have to configure the axis first (in the axis assignment) and then I calibrate each axis in the joystick calibration menu? 



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Hi Peter,

I am trying to synchronize my throttle (2 jets, turbo prop and 4 jets). I have tried many time with PFC  and I cannot get my throttle to be sync,  I thought I could use the sync option in FSUIPC5, but until now I have  no great success.


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