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I guess I do not understand the "Runway Alert -500". At Boston Logan,  I have POE946 taking off on runway 33L FROM taxiway Delta so it did not cross runway 27 .  AAL2387 landed on Runway 27, the instant the nose of AAL2367 touched runway 33L, I got a Runway Alert with POE946 and AAL2387.  POE was already past runway 22L so it wasn't 'near'' runway 27.  After AAL2387 passed I crossed runway 27 with EIN136 (too big to takeoff at Delta) and it did not cause any problems.  (I am attaching a photo but have not done that before so I hope it works). 

I guess some of what I don't understand is that I can cross a runway behind a departing plane with no problems and it seems to me that is exactly what AAL is doing, crossing behind a departing plane, and since it took POE a little time to get moving it is not like they were right on top of each other.

Maybe someone can explain why the Alert, apparently there is something I don't understand about getting these alerts. I understand there has to be separation, but this case just doesn't make sense to me. Also both planes were still on the ground and the alert happened when AAL's nose touched runway 33L. I was recording and went back and replayed it.

Thanks for any help. And just so there is no misunderstanding I am not saying there is something wrong with the game, I just don't understand the reason for the alert.



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Hi Peabody,

This version of tower seems to pick up (rightly so) an error when you cross a plane behind a departing aircraft. In your case think of being in AAL2387 slowing down on R27 to be all of a sudden hit side on by jet blast by a departing aircraft. (POE946 is only a turbo prop but the logic isn't sophisticated to pick that up). I just finished a 3 hour session at BOS with the same configuration as you; a lot of things to watch.

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