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Is it normal that the STRIP does not change to TAXI after PUSHBACK? It seems that after PUSHBACK it never changes so looks like all aircraft are pushing back. Would be nice if it would change to TAXI. Even nicer with the current taxiway it is on as it moves.

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I noticed that if using multiple screens that you can not type on the strip. It has to be on the main screen.

Just one for the list. Although preference for the list would be that it change to where the aircraft is at any point automatically. :-)

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Oh wow, that would be tremendous. Perhaps less immersive because we should be moving the strip ourselves just like real controllers - they would be finding the aircraft themselves in the list and looking at it. We should also be finding the aircraft on the strip we're concerned about ourselves with the mouse.  Problem is, I find there's so many aircraft in motion that I use the dbrite and the adirs so much I never use the strip, not enough time to slide the list up and down.  So for me an auto slide to the aircraft in focus would be nice but I don't think that would be realistic.  I'm not and have never been a controller but I would guess they use the strip much more. As an indication of the congestion I like to play with, I'm always talking if they aren't - silence on the radio is boring. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


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