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Lua Sockets with FSUIPC5/6/7

Pete Dowson

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**** Updated on 21st May 2021 ****

To use the Lua Socket library om FSUIPC5/6/7, first download the luasocket-2.0.2 library from:
Extract and copy the file lua/socket.lua to your FSUIPC installation folder.

Then, to use in lua scripts, use
    local socket=require("socket")

There should be no need to copy the core.dll as explained below, but I will leave this thread for reference.

Thanks to @Djeez for reporting this.


You an get lua sockets under Fsuipc5 by loading the 32-bit luasocket library from

Unpack it into "modules/Lua", but then replace "socket/core.dll" with the one from  https://download.zerobrane.com/luasocket-win64.zip.


[This is from a post by Luis Damas, with thanks!]



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Updated for 2021
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On 10/17/2018 at 1:00 PM, manuelthomi said:

The download link to luasocket-win64.zip is dead. Could you please provide the core.dll?

I'm afraid I don't have it. The link was provided by Luis Damas, as it says.  However you'll find the 2.0.2 package eaily with Google or another search app. For example, try http://luaforge.net/projects/luasocket/



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18 hours ago, manuelthomi said:

I found that too but I think this is the 32bit version. Don't I need the 64bit version?

Yes, but I did think it included both. If not, I'm sorry, I think more searching is needed. Maybe some good user will post a better link, or even supply the actual file(s). I'd then see if could host them here to make things easier in future. Getting in touch with Luis Damas would be a good idea -- I've sent him a PM.



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35 minutes ago, Frédéric-O DUCHEMIN said:

I have P3V4 (X64) and need Lua socket for Throttle Manager works.
Seems working but I don't find files to give you.
So Have you found version X64 ?

Not yet. But if you have it working there will be other DLL's (as well as FSUIPC5) either in Modules or in a subfolder in Modules, like Modules\Lua or similar.




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