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#feelthere TTS Issue "PLAH PLAH PLAH"


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Hello - 

Absolutely love this game, and have pretty much all expansions (R/T, R/C, airfileds). I've had no issues with any gameplay settings or failures until after I installed the most recent SP via Steam.

The TTS speech engine on the game had been flawless, but now the words regularly sound like "plah, plah, plah" instead of actual words.  This doesn't not happen with every single command response, but aprox 75% of the time now rather than hearing the game speech engine say "American 431, cleared for takeoff" I hear "plah, plah, plah, plah, plah". 

I've googled extensively to see if it's a Microsoft issue, and searched many speech forums, but I believe it's something within the game speech settings that might have changed. Even if I "TEST RECOG" or "TEST SPEECH" in the settings menu, I get the same "plah, plah, plah" sound. 

I'm attaching my recent speech log which is only the first 30s of a recent session. The first aircraft for departure United1825, asked for clearance with "plah,plah", I responded using speech recognition with the correct pushback instruction "United 1825, pushback approved, expect runway 27", and it responded with "plah, plah".  The game see's my command perfectly, but the TTS cannot reconcile what it's meant to be saying. 

Any help gratefully received :-) 


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15 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

almost all of these problems are a setting/change with the computer.  if it worked before something on your computer was changed.

step one: system language (ie, the computer) is set to 'English - US'?


Hi - thanks for assisting.

I've not changed any setting on my machine or installed/removed anything other than the update to Tower3D.

Checked language, and it's still set to English-UK 

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