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  1. This.... this exactly. I get annoyed that the system regularly inserts a "via G" command when I clearly state "via B" - but that's another conversation!
  2. Be interested to hear what you decide to buy. I have a USB Plantronics C5200 which I thought would be great for the game, but actually my cheap $15 mini-jack headset seems to get much better recognition. Anyone have good suggestions for headsets that work best?
  3. YEEAH! Welcome back Battlehawk. Look fwd to EGLL etc... and hope the new home is working out!
  4. Just as a note regarding real-world airport operations. It's very rare for aircraft to use 9L for take off. Almost all operations on the 9's use 9L for arrivals and 9R for departures, and this is not usually switched during ops. The default departure for aircraft on 9R would be from N11, with specific intersection departures at N10/N8 given to lighter/faster aircraft and for spacing. With that in mind, it is very common to see a row of A320/B737 lining up for N8 departure along taxiway A, with heavy aircraft using taxiway B for a full length. Glad to see this airport in the game, and look forward to trying it soon. Separate note for @Pedantic G - the taxiway onto 9R at the end is N11 not Y1.... that would be a helpful change too if FT can manage it.
  5. Thought the forum might be interested in this professional sim. Not for us enthusiasts, but interesting to see. https://www.micronav.co.uk/
  6. re: multiple screens @Ripskin - I have T3D running across 3 x monitors using an GTX1070ti and this, which was a bargain and is excellent. Very little issues with it - and using the NVIDIA Surround system. Startech Triple Head
  7. Graphically - it's hard not to have a desire for FT to push the envelope as far as they possibly can. You only have to look at the new MsFs2020 to see the leap forward that has made to the real-world environment. If the game is to hold it's own for 3-5yrs of a product cycle, it's wise to aim high at the start. I'm aware that has implications for upgrades/GPU etc - but, there is a middle ground. The simulation and realism of command and control is crucial to this type of game. Especially where so many of us are either active, or have a keen interest in this part of aviation. The current platform went a long way - especially with voice control (which to be fair is VERY good most of the time) so the next version should build on the good, and remove the bad. There was an incredibly useful thread a while ago with the WISHLIST, and im sure FT took a lot away from that. I've said on another forum that I would be very upset if the next version did not "fix" the issues with T3DPro (commands/pilots crashing) and then build on the best parts (community/voice)
  8. Hello - If these issues with KLAX are being addressed in TowerXXX - would you welcome a list from the community (many who are local to LAX) to outline the issues. The remote AA terminal is just one, of course there is the entirely new concourse at TIBT etc... Thanks
  9. Hi Vic - Are you able to upload a list of the fixes made? Thanks
  10. I was really excited about this release, but it seems from initial reviews and video that some work is needed to fix some simple errors. I've flown in/out of HNL airport many times and as an ATC enthusiast I can tell you it is busy, and should be a challenge to operate. There are lots of small aircraft coming in/out on the short 4L alongside many many heavies on the 8/26. It's really important that this airport allows you to get the small Cessna's off the 4's quickly at D or E and certainly able to exit at K without stopping to cross 4L (there is no H/S) Issues with L/G taxiways (which are key to good operation of the HA inter island terminal), missing jetbridges, a general lack of the better graphics we've become used to at some of the newer airport is a bit of a disappointment. I'm a big supporter of F/T and Tower3D, but this release generally sounds like it's in need of a patch before purchase! (and a better schedule than the R/T one!)
  11. Can anyone figure out which airport that is from the shot?? 🙂
  12. Hey @Ripskin I think you've used the wrong code for the BA 777 - it's showing white but I believe there is a 77-3 and a 77-2 that would have paintjobs. I noticed this on BA109 specifically. Thanks and great job!
  13. Blast 😉 This is what i "think" all the in-game terminals are labeled as, but maybe @FeelThere can confirm or even better, provide their own map?
  14. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a method to view how the gates are broken down? or to amend them? Similar to AFX for Flightsim? I'd happily create a more accurate terminal file with this info.
  15. Thank you!! This is already a HUGE improvement for the new airport. From a terminal perspective, almost every international airline uses D - that includes some of the regional international carriers such as Saudi, Gulfair, MEA etc. There are some that are now directed to the north end of the old terminal 1 (gates F1-10 and B1-10) but pretty much all others are coming in and out of Terminal D. I'm not sure how the game has split the terminal gate areas - if you are able to send a screenshot of what is allocated as T1/T2/T3 etc in the game I'd happily allocate the airlines. https://www.dubaiairports.ae/before-you-fly/which-terminal/airline-directory Terminal 2 has a really interesting mix of short-haul airlines.
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