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  1. I was really excited about this release, but it seems from initial reviews and video that some work is needed to fix some simple errors. I've flown in/out of HNL airport many times and as an ATC enthusiast I can tell you it is busy, and should be a challenge to operate. There are lots of small aircraft coming in/out on the short 4L alongside many many heavies on the 8/26. It's really important that this airport allows you to get the small Cessna's off the 4's quickly at D or E and certainly able to exit at K without stopping to cross 4L (there is no H/S) Issues with L/G taxiways (which are key to good operation of the HA inter island terminal), missing jetbridges, a general lack of the better graphics we've become used to at some of the newer airport is a bit of a disappointment. I'm a big supporter of F/T and Tower3D, but this release generally sounds like it's in need of a patch before purchase! (and a better schedule than the R/T one!)
  2. Can anyone figure out which airport that is from the shot?? πŸ™‚
  3. Hey @Ripskin I think you've used the wrong code for the BA 777 - it's showing white but I believe there is a 77-3 and a 77-2 that would have paintjobs. I noticed this on BA109 specifically. Thanks and great job!
  4. Blast πŸ˜‰ This is what i "think" all the in-game terminals are labeled as, but maybe @FeelThere can confirm or even better, provide their own map?
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a method to view how the gates are broken down? or to amend them? Similar to AFX for Flightsim? I'd happily create a more accurate terminal file with this info.
  6. Thank you!! This is already a HUGE improvement for the new airport. From a terminal perspective, almost every international airline uses D - that includes some of the regional international carriers such as Saudi, Gulfair, MEA etc. There are some that are now directed to the north end of the old terminal 1 (gates F1-10 and B1-10) but pretty much all others are coming in and out of Terminal D. I'm not sure how the game has split the terminal gate areas - if you are able to send a screenshot of what is allocated as T1/T2/T3 etc in the game I'd happily allocate the airlines. https://www.dubaiairports.ae/before-you-fly/which-terminal/airline-directory Terminal 2 has a really interesting mix of short-haul airlines.
  7. This is certainly the best airport released by FeelThere for the game so far. Graphically it’s significantly higher than many others (LFPG was nothing short of embarrassing) and the games play is fantastic and a real challenge to operate. However - the RealTraffic schedule is awful and is missing HUGE amounts of traffic. Please can this be given an urgent update?? I know some key contributing members of this community who were creating custom schedules are no-longer willing to do so - so it’s key that RT is actually representative of REAL TRAFFIC! Thanks in advance!
  8. It's utterly beautiful! Please release it today as my wife is out and i can play for HOURS πŸ˜‰
  10. Heavies at KSAN should cross at C5 and taxi up Bravo to B10 before entering 9. If you're using 9 for arrivals and departures and are simulating the early evening when the BA 747 or 777 arrives, that one aircraft has to use 27. Taxi it over to C1 and make a space in your arriving traffic to get it our and clear. Been onboard the BA flight when this exact situation happened and spoke to captain afterwards.
  11. Hey FeelThere - Having teased our taste buds with the ground plan of DXB a few months ago, are you able to share some screenies to show how the project is looking? Dubai is my most anticipated after EGLL. Best,
  12. Great to see Gatwick released this morning! Looking fwd to controlling a local airport! Aprox how long does it usually take to see a RealTraffic release update to create authentic FP?
  13. Hi - thanks for assisting. I've not changed any setting on my machine or installed/removed anything other than the update to Tower3D. Checked language, and it's still set to English-UK
  14. Hello - Absolutely love this game, and have pretty much all expansions (R/T, R/C, airfileds). I've had no issues with any gameplay settings or failures until after I installed the most recent SP via Steam. The TTS speech engine on the game had been flawless, but now the words regularly sound like "plah, plah, plah" instead of actual words. This doesn't not happen with every single command response, but aprox 75% of the time now rather than hearing the game speech engine say "American 431, cleared for takeoff" I hear "plah, plah, plah, plah, plah". I've googled extensively to see if it's a Microsoft issue, and searched many speech forums, but I believe it's something within the game speech settings that might have changed. Even if I "TEST RECOG" or "TEST SPEECH" in the settings menu, I get the same "plah, plah, plah" sound. I'm attaching my recent speech log which is only the first 30s of a recent session. The first aircraft for departure United1825, asked for clearance with "plah,plah", I responded using speech recognition with the correct pushback instruction "United 1825, pushback approved, expect runway 27", and it responded with "plah, plah". The game see's my command perfectly, but the TTS cannot reconcile what it's meant to be saying. Any help gratefully received :-) https://we.tl/0If03narqR
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