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  1. Hi, I saw one of YouTubers having separated colours tag on ADIRS for arrival and departure. Does anyone knows or figured out how to do that? Probably some config modifications.
  2. Not the biggest traffic and not the smallest, capable of working on it from Tower and my dream would be : EPWA - Warsaw Poland ILS 11/29 15/33 ILS Runways are in cross and it is interesting as one serves for departures and other one for arrivals. Airport itself is interesting for ATC as there is front stands, front gates and rear gates behind the terminal and runway crossings. It's unique shape. Apparently we will have Heathrow as next arrival.
  3. Effects, lighting visuals and the model resolution is better by far from current version. If there will be some improvements to handling of stuff it will be fantastic.
  4. Sorry for necro on the thread. Can be helpful for others and newcomers. When you issue a bad command or bad taxiway route after pushback or arrival, the game have tendency to stutter until a new correct command is issued to a same airplane.
  5. Actually VR Tower!3D could be completely hands free in the meaning that it is using just headset + 1 controller is completely doable, maybe second for additional stuff or camera. Controller can be used as hands or electronic pen for ASDE-X, a PTT button, possibility to write on strips or rearrange them in 2 rows (arr / dep). It's completely doable without using keyboard or mouse as no need at all. More than that, it would be even more immersive.
  6. Hi, I'm a bit confused now, as always when I purchased a new airport for Tower3D Pro with it`s corresponding RC I always updated RealTraffic as well. I'm wondering if it is really necessary to do so as I use every time custom schedules from our fellow members and the thing is it mess up all custom schedules and I have to extract again. Is there any need to update to newest RT then?
  7. Gabor stated from the beginning that Cargos as a bonus will come with LFPG addon RC in his first post ....
  8. Hi, We have 2 liveries for EasyJet inside the game now. Old one from texture pack12 (orange/white) and newer from texture pack 16,17 (white/orange). As there is two liveries and 2 kind of a same airline, as EZY and EZS (EasyJet Switzerland) there is a magic tweak or possibility to assign old one to EZY and new one to EZS. Currently EasyJet have most of old livery in use and EZS have a new planes with newer livery. So more diversion while controlling is always welcome. EZY-U2 old livery will be shown and for EZS-DS a new livery. Go to \Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks and add some zeros. That way TexturesPacks will load in correct order except LEBL and EGKK, which will pick only missing livery without overwriting existing ones before release. Cheers
  9. Yeah, that's a good question since I'm looking every day for that release ... :) Any info?
  10. There is a possibility to spawn all flights by tampering a bit with terminal files or by fragmening schedule into parts. I will make my own schedule for it to reflect real up to date flights with a good real terminal file. In smaller KSAN (gates) - on my custom schedule I got everything spawned. I'm playing it with my own pre printed solid flightstrips, I will do the same for this one :) I like this one. I'm planning to do the EPKK (Krakow Poland) schedules for it as it is almost the same and liveries are there 😄
  11. Finally a good news. ATCC will see the daylight then. Not easy to put a schedule on sector. There isn't any open ADB database You could use? Or something from flighttrackers? Maybe a real Tracon could give You some old data.
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