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  1. Tower 3d Pro Wind Indicator

    It show where the wind enter, the same where he exits sincenot changing direction lol :D More important that the value is correct :D
  2. Also beacon light has to be off on shutdown. Beacon light means engine running. With Tower 2011 - immersion is there, landing lights/taxi lights/beacon ... no more on Tower 3D (Pro - priced)
  3. Wind Direction on Startup?

    That should be great see that anyone can look at Metar/Atis of the airport and put real actual values to be as real as possible.

    Are You sure You have pointed the installer to a Steam version in the right Steam folder like SteamLibrary/common..... etc?
  5. #feelthere TTS Issue "PLAH PLAH PLAH"

    Sometimes it helps to reinstall TTS for windows but for me it degraded male voice quality, but bug of "plah plah plah" is no more. Win7 x64 here. I heard that W10 is better on this.
  6. Problems with KJFK

    Try to give a [Callsign] ]runway XXX] command without route. The sim will reset that bug.
  7. More realistic Tower!3D

    Delfino, could you PM me with a template of your work? I'd like to create some another airport strips since I have some free time.
  8. Adding those commands do not work for me in SP3 version after latest update. Errors in speech.log EXCEPTION base:Index was outside the bounds of the array. EXCEPTION src:towerspeakbridge:0 EXCEPTION stack: at traconspeakbridge.Recog.CreateCommands() at traconspeakbridge.Recog.Loop() Close TTS thread... Close recognition thread... Solved - #airplane1; PUSHBACK APPROVED, EXPECT RUNWAY ;#runway1; AT ;#taxiway1; VIA ;#taxiway2;#taxiway3;#taxiway4;#taxiway5;#taxiway6 no comma between approved and expect did the trick ;)
  9. ATC Products Update

    Any release news on Tracon!2012:SE ?
  10. More realistic Tower!3D

    Delfino, That's a real challenge and You choosed San Diego really well for this. I can't imagine doing it yet at 6h since it's the rush hours but it is a "as real as it gets" then. The idea is brilliant and represent really a Tower operations. As the bigger airport is managed by more controllers and the ground is somewhat sectorised, it is somewhat tricky at Atlanta or LAX, but TIST KSAN, maybe KLGA with experience is great for it :) It is now somewhat like ground part of "I am an air traffic controller 3 or 4" ;) Thanks for great work on strips. I will give more feedback and my methods soon.
  11. Tower 3d Pro - Recommended headsets

    It's important to have a good quality mic, but Tower3d! Pro do the good job in term of speech recognition. If you have some issue it may be caused not really by the mic itself but with a integrated sound card. It is really weak and cheap, no matter what engineers advertise on it. Good for output but weak for input, so a little usb external sound card may do the trick to improve and boost mic input. It is the same as integrated graphic chipset, same performance. I bought a real and very cheap cardioid microphone with sound card integrated on usb. Very happy with that combination. For mini-jack 3.5 mm input if You have a good headset (quality doesn't mean price and vice versa) - a sound card USB may improve much!

    If You have a MSI Mobo or Nahimic audio software and I imagine yes, You have to disable Nahimic and it's services running in background. NahimicVRsrv32(64).exe - there are two of them. Nahimic is software equalizer for Realtek Audio, it takes the input of the mic but doesn't give it further to game engine. I found this after latest update of Nahimic drivers with Realtek.
  13. Hi FeelThere, I'd like to ask is there a possibility to code a different color for arrivals and departures to sort things out at busy airports on ADIRS? Like arrivals yellow, departure green or anything like that? Cheers, Dominik
  14. Performance issues

    It happens to me when the taxi route is complex and cannot be found ... When I see this happening i gave to issue a new taxio command and again it's working well.
  15. For MSI or Nahimic equalizer for Realtek Audio HD, close Nahimic and kil Nahimic services. I found that on FS2Crew but also on Tower 3D! Pro. Newer Realtek HD drivers install also 2 services running in background for Nahimic even when Nahimic is switched off and it is integrated. It equalize microphone input but do noit send the output to VR module. Voice Recognition runs flawlessly now :)