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Unable to register fsuipc 3.99

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Hi, i done a new installation of fs 2004, downloaded last version of fsuipc and install it, register it (i bought license on simmarket.com in 2004), but it appear to be unregistered, although in "modules" folder, there's a filecalled "fsuipc.key", and inside correct registration data. I tried to reinstall it and re registered more times, but unsuccesfully. Could you help me?

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30 minutes ago, motorella said:

I accurately check a lot of times my registrations data, and it's correct, my os is win 7 64, i copied data from my account in simmarket.com, so it was correct...

All three parts, not just the Registration code?

If you are really sure, then I suggest you send me your SimMarket data and your KEY file and I will check it here. Send to petedowson@btconnect.com. Be sure to RENAME the KEY file and ZIP it, or it will be blocked by the email system. Also include your FSUIPC.LOG file.

I won't be able to look at this till the morning now ...




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8 hours ago, motorella said:

Hi Pete, thanks for reply. I'll do, just a question...fsuipc.log i can't found...do you mean fsuipc install?

No. The Install log is the log from the Installer. The FSUIPC.LOG is generated when FSUIPC is run. If there is no such file then FSUIPC has never been run.

Look in the folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Modules

There will be 4 (FOUR) files named FSUIPC:  The DLL, an INI, a LOG and the KEY file you found. If there’s no log and no INI file then you have never actually run the Sim with FSUIPC installed. When you run FS9 make sure you are running the EXE file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9.  Maybe you have an old installation still and are running the wrong EXE.

If you purchased the key in 2004, I assume you have used it before, successfully? FS9 hasn't changed. FSUIPC registration hasn't changed. FSUIPC might have been updated, but the registration check is no different. The only registration problem with the earlier versions of FSUIPC was that they had an earlier expiry date on the key validity, so keys purchased after about 2015 would not work with those earlier versions (no one seriously expected FS9 to still be in use 12 years later, let alone folks still buying FSUIPC!

I'm afraid I don't have FS9 on any of my PCs these days. Made room for FSX, FSX-SE, P3D1-3 and the 64-bit P3D4.

I still need to see your FSUIPC.LOG file, please.




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Hi Pete, thanks for fast reply. I've: fsui.dll, fsuipc install, fsuipc.dll and fsuipc.key, but i can't see fsuipc.log. I bought license in 2004 and i used it succesfully 'till 2016 in different fs 2004 installations, due to pc changes, formatting, etc. I have this computer now for free, it's a phenom II x4 955, so i i've installed fs2004 because processor is poor to run correctly FSX with add ons installed, meanwhile i'm buying hardware to make a new pc. After installation on this pc i installed some add ons too, and, when i ran ifly 737, a message in crt shown me a message that fsuipc key isn't correct, so i check fsuipc and i seen that copy is unregistered. After this, i tried some times to register again fsuipc through install, but nothing change :-(

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1 hour ago, motorella said:

Hi Pete, thanks for fast reply. I've: fsui.dll, fsuipc install, fsuipc.dll and fsuipc.key, but i can't see fsuipc.log.

fsui is part of FS, nothing to do with FSUIPC.

As you have no FSUIPC.LOG nor an FSUIPC.INI, the FSUIPC you've installed has never been run.  I think you've been running a different copy of FS9, not the version reagisted and which FSUIPC has installed into.

Instead of clicking on your shortcur for FS9, go to

and double click on the FS9.EXE you find there.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9

and double click on the FS9.EXE you find there (or is is FS2004.exe. I don't recall, it's so long ago now!)




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