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Tracon 2012 se sid question


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I have noticed as example in san diego sector a heavy is arriving from the north east on baret5 sid from memory and the prevailing winds facilitate a landing on 27 at ksan,  the sid however routes right to the south of ksan to line up for a 09 landing at ksan.  This is ideal if the wind requires a 09 landing at ksan naturally but does not work for 27


I have realistic winds set so i just assumed that tracon would select the suitable sid corresponding to the duty runway of 27 in this scenario,  is this a limitation as i would have expected tracon to identify the wind and select a sid to line up for ksan 27 runway or what ever the active is based on wind. I know its an easy fix to simply break of the sid and proceed direct or vector to a suitable intercept for 27, but just wanted to confirm this as a limitation and tracon wont select the appropriate sid to match the runway in use in all cases, i have not tested any other sectors yet though, thanks 



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Tracon engine will only recognise the first STAR/SID in the data file so you can only assign one STAR/SID per destination airport, this means you can't assign different STARs for different runways unfortunately. you have to choose the best option to facilitate all runways

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Sorry im an idiot its a star arrival not a sid in my example,  are you then saying you would have to reorder it in the sid star file for ksan so that it selects that star first, is that what you mean by choose best option to facilitate all runways, thanks

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Ok thanks for your help think i understand so essentially the wind set in the game does not control star assignments at all, would that be the aircraft file where you would change the star assignments for individual aircraft if you wanted an east west flow ir is there a global setting for all aircraft entering the sector

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The file you are looking for is sidstar_cfg.txt in the databases folder. Using the first two entries as an example, any plane inbound for LAX arriving from NTAA and YSSY will use the BUFIE1 arrival. While arrivals from KDAL will use the DOWNE4. This file is used regardless of wind direction. As @mc16v mentioned you'll probably want to create multiple versions of this file - potentially for each sector and flow/runway config. 


FYI - I'm not seeing and DPs (SIDs) in the default RT file, but the same thing can apply to them if desired. 



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