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JFK Taxi


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Even though I know I should have brought this up before the last JFK update came. But I have noticed there are several taxiways that are in the game but unusable mislabeled missing or misplaced.


  • QH->Q1
  • QG->Q3
  • QF->Q3
  • MC
    • Only connects 31L/13R to P
    • The other part should be N


  • (KG and KF)
    • These two are between L and KE
    • going from left to right its KG KF
    • KG Should also be a point to enter/exit the Ramp there
  • (HB)
    • This is the taxiway between J and H that goes across A and B


  • (SA)
    • This is at the start of the turn between B and A going counter clock from were R joins B
  • (GG)
    • This is a left pull off from 4L between H and G
  • (EE)
    • This is between FB and E
  • (LL)
    • Should be left of L going counter clock
  • (DB)
    • This should be where E is between A and FB


  • (E)
    • Should be at the full length of 22R
  • (TB)
    • Should be a point to enter/exit the American Ramp
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