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Any plan to fix the dynamic lights? Please please!!!


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Hello team,

Just to ask if there is any time frame for fixing the dynamic lights now that your products are all on the market for p3d4.

I can see that externally they work well...is it so difficult to fix the light splash in the cockpit when you turn on the landing lights??

Thanks to brought a missing regional in p3d4, but now I hope in a fix for them! 😄



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I'm talking about the light splash that you have at night when you turn on the landing lights if the dynamic lights are active in p3d4.

It is also advised on the market platform description, btw I'll post the screenshots:

landing lights off:


landing lights on:


any way outside it looks beautiful!


thanks if you could update this issue! 😉




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6 hours ago, FeelThere Ariel said:



Thanks for the link. 

I've read the post and I understand that the issue is resolved disabling the dynamic lights. I would have preferred to not disable the DL and that's why I'm here asking if is planned to resolve this issue within the model.





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42 minutes ago, FeelThere Ariel said:

We do not have this in our immediate plans for now as this is a more P3D4 oriented issue. What version of P3D4 are you running by the way? 

p3d v4.3, the latest release, but also in 4.2 the issue was present.

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I have the same problem as the original poster. The only way around it is to not use the landing lights at night. My understanding is that this is caused by how the dynamic lighting interacts with the model, so the aircraft's model will need to be adjusted. I would really like this issue to be fixed as well. Please consider. Thanks.

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