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FSUIPC / Error #12

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33 minutes ago, R1100 said:

Just wanted to make a flight and after about 40 minutes, the error 12 came and the whole simulator has stopped. (P3d v4)

What's error 12? That isn't an FSUIPC message. Where do you see it?

You need to provide more inofrumation. You are using P3D4 -- but which version? Are you using FSUIPC? if not, why are you posting here? If you are, the FSUIPC5.LOG file is needed (from the P3D Modules folder).

Error 12 is probably being reported by one of your add-ons. check those.



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58 minutes ago, R1100 said:

Fsuipc version 4.974 P3dv4 Academic License 4.2

FSUIPC version 4.974 is for P3D3 and FSX. It won't run in or even install into P3D4!

59 minutes ago, R1100 said:

The error message is from Microsoft. Net Framework

None of my software programs use .NET framework.

1 hour ago, R1100 said:


I expect you have an Addon which needs to talk to FSUIPC, but you don't have it installed or running. You need to install FSUIPC5. i don't know why you say you have FSUIPC 4.974.



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1 hour ago, yindengxie said:

Can I write Viewpoint Latitude, Viewpoint Longitude, Viewpoint  Altitude, Viewpoint Pitch,

Viewpoint Bank and Viewpoint Heading Values to FSUIPC Offset: 0x05B0 - 0x05D0?

What does this have to do with FSUIPC Error 12? Why are you attaching such a question to someone else's thread on a completely unrelated subject?

I think those offsets did operate to READ the viewpoint details successfully way back in FS9 and before (but never to set it -- that's why they were marked "read only").  Are you using such an old simulator? If not, as you'll see from the current documentation for FSX and P3D, there's no support now for that facility. Such a lack of support is indicated in the two right-hand columns in the offset list.

Those offsets are being re-purposed. The offset status documentation will be amended appropriately for the next release.



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