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I bought the wilco ejets 175/195 for p3d v4 and been having problems getting it to work.  I contacted wilco about it.  Then today I got an email from them saying: 

Dear Sir,

The E-Jets serie is not compatible with P3Dv4.X.

To let us keep track of this e-mail, please reply without changing the content. Thank You !

Best regards, 

Christophe Modave

Technical Consultant


Yet on the product page it said it was for (P3D v4).  After I installed it, it's folders are Feelthere.  Is the ejets on the Feelthere site the same as Wilco's?  If not, I'll get a refund from Wilco and get the one on Feelthere's .

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Well most of the time when I start either the 175 or 195 in cold/dark the VC clickspots don't work and I can't start it up.  If I use ready to start, the displays are blank and the overhead clickspots don't work.  The 2d popups do, but nothing turns on.  Sometimes after going to an airport with the default plane and select the house plane, the VC works and the displays are on and the overhead panel works.  Then I switch to one of the addon planes like the 2016 Alaska 175.  It might work or work for a little while.  It's pretty iffy.  I'd like to get it working like it should.  This is for p3d v4.4

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Yes I did and I disable my anti-virus software also till I'm done.  I also have my sims excluded from the AV so they don't get messed up.  I'll reinstall again.  Oh and one more thing is the airac when I install has nd.db3, but when I update with navigraph, its nd.mdb.  Shouldn't they match?

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