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  1. johnk515

    Ejets P3D v4

    It turned out to be the database. I let Navigraph fms data manager do a search and now it does the correct database. I guess ejets in fsx:se used the mdb and not db3 database files. It's working now.
  2. johnk515

    Ejets P3D v4

    Yes I did and I disable my anti-virus software also till I'm done. I also have my sims excluded from the AV so they don't get messed up. I'll reinstall again. Oh and one more thing is the airac when I install has nd.db3, but when I update with navigraph, its nd.mdb. Shouldn't they match?
  3. johnk515

    Ejets P3D v4

    Well most of the time when I start either the 175 or 195 in cold/dark the VC clickspots don't work and I can't start it up. If I use ready to start, the displays are blank and the overhead clickspots don't work. The 2d popups do, but nothing turns on. Sometimes after going to an airport with the default plane and select the house plane, the VC works and the displays are on and the overhead panel works. Then I switch to one of the addon planes like the 2016 Alaska 175. It might work or work for a little while. It's pretty iffy. I'd like to get it working like it should. This is for p3d v4.4
  4. johnk515

    Ejets P3D v4

    I bought the wilco ejets 175/195 for p3d v4 and been having problems getting it to work. I contacted wilco about it. Then today I got an email from them saying: Dear Sir, The E-Jets serie is not compatible with P3Dv4.X. To let us keep track of this e-mail, please reply without changing the content. Thank You ! Best regards, Christophe Modave Technical Consultant EASA ATPL(A) Yet on the product page it said it was for (P3D v4). After I installed it, it's folders are Feelthere. Is the ejets on the Feelthere site the same as Wilco's? If not, I'll get a refund from Wilco and get the one on Feelthere's .
  5. johnk515

    QW787 Offsets

    The only things I've been able to do is the exterior lights I.E. landing taxi... They use the fsuipc standards. I can also do the autobrakes, and toggle the efb and the fmc to make it easier to use. It would be nice if they did like PMDG has their's.
  6. It turns out that the wxr tilt that I had used was for the standard 744. Then the section that said for the 744f and 747-8 had the left and right wxr tilt, and that one worked. I have three 3-way toggle switch which springs back to center like the switches I have on my Saitek x52. So when I push up the tilt inc. and when I push down it dec. It works very well. And the control number for the left wxr tilt was 71034.
  7. I've got one control I've been trying to get working. I want to use a 3-way switch to inc/dec the wrx tilt. For the 747 the control number is 70756 from the sdk. I've tried the mouse flag left single and right single, and the mouse wheel up / down parameters. Yet none work. I have other controls that work, and my 737 and 777 all work fine. Any one have this problem?
  8. johnk515

    Tecnam p2006t

    Thanks Pete
  9. I have wilco's tecnam p2006t. I've been trying how to assign the chokes to buttons. I have L:tecnam_lever_choke1_number, and L:tecnam_lever_choke2_number. I know how to use trim up/down or inc dec with buttons. But the chokes just have a number. I have lua files, but I want to use the T1,T2,T3, and T4 to move the chokes. T1 would be left engine up and T2 would b left engine down. Then T3/4 would be for the right engine. I don't know how to make the numbers go higher or lower with the buttons.
  10. Turns out I was trying to use the wrong control. Now it works. It's AP VS Var Inc & Dec.
  11. I have the Flysimware C402 Cessna. I'm trying to assign the AP alt pitch wheel to my Saitek x52 stick. On the Flysimware's site they said use (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP) and (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_INC_DN) to change the pitch when autopilot's on. In FSUIPC you have the control numbers for the ap pitch ref inc up and down. So I assigned C66584 to R0, 8 and C66583 to RO, 9, but it doesn't work. I still have to use the mouse to adjust the pitch when climbing or descending. The pitch wheel is on the pedestal below the throttles, making it difficult to use the mouse and watching out side. That's why I want to use buttons. I have the latest registered FSUIPC for FSX: SE.
  12. I'll do that. Finding out new things every day.
  13. Here's the file. MJC_acol.lua
  14. I got it all fixed. I removed a lot of stuff not needed. So, it works fine with only 3 actions, -1 up, 0 off, 1 down. Works great, thanks for the help Pete.
  15. Here's the settings in FSUIPC for mjc D8-400: 25=P2,22,CL13:R,0 -{Lua acol}- 26=P2,21,CL13:R,-1 -{Lua acol}- 27=P2,23,CL13:R,1 -{Lua acol}-

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