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  1. johnk515

    QW787 Offsets

    The only things I've been able to do is the exterior lights I.E. landing taxi... They use the fsuipc standards. I can also do the autobrakes, and toggle the efb and the fmc to make it easier to use. It would be nice if they did like PMDG has their's.
  2. It turns out that the wxr tilt that I had used was for the standard 744. Then the section that said for the 744f and 747-8 had the left and right wxr tilt, and that one worked. I have three 3-way toggle switch which springs back to center like the switches I have on my Saitek x52. So when I push up the tilt inc. and when I push down it dec. It works very well. And the control number for the left wxr tilt was 71034.
  3. I've got one control I've been trying to get working. I want to use a 3-way switch to inc/dec the wrx tilt. For the 747 the control number is 70756 from the sdk. I've tried the mouse flag left single and right single, and the mouse wheel up / down parameters. Yet none work. I have other controls that work, and my 737 and 777 all work fine. Any one have this problem?
  4. johnk515

    Tecnam p2006t

    Thanks Pete
  5. I have wilco's tecnam p2006t. I've been trying how to assign the chokes to buttons. I have L:tecnam_lever_choke1_number, and L:tecnam_lever_choke2_number. I know how to use trim up/down or inc dec with buttons. But the chokes just have a number. I have lua files, but I want to use the T1,T2,T3, and T4 to move the chokes. T1 would be left engine up and T2 would b left engine down. Then T3/4 would be for the right engine. I don't know how to make the numbers go higher or lower with the buttons.
  6. Turns out I was trying to use the wrong control. Now it works. It's AP VS Var Inc & Dec.
  7. I have the Flysimware C402 Cessna. I'm trying to assign the AP alt pitch wheel to my Saitek x52 stick. On the Flysimware's site they said use (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP) and (>K:AP_PITCH_REF_INC_DN) to change the pitch when autopilot's on. In FSUIPC you have the control numbers for the ap pitch ref inc up and down. So I assigned C66584 to R0, 8 and C66583 to RO, 9, but it doesn't work. I still have to use the mouse to adjust the pitch when climbing or descending. The pitch wheel is on the pedestal below the throttles, making it difficult to use the mouse and watching out side. That's why I want to use buttons. I have the latest registered FSUIPC for FSX: SE.
  8. I'll do that. Finding out new things every day.
  9. Here's the file. MJC_acol.lua
  10. I got it all fixed. I removed a lot of stuff not needed. So, it works fine with only 3 actions, -1 up, 0 off, 1 down. Works great, thanks for the help Pete.
  11. Here's the settings in FSUIPC for mjc D8-400: 25=P2,22,CL13:R,0 -{Lua acol}- 26=P2,21,CL13:R,-1 -{Lua acol}- 27=P2,23,CL13:R,1 -{Lua acol}-
  12. I was trying it in the mjc84.ini file, but that didn't work. Some one on their site suggested using lua to change it. They said "There I use the LVar L:OHD_EXT_LT_ACOL_SW with -1, 0 and +1." My problem is that when I look at lua, it can get confusing. I have a 3 way switch J2:21, 22, 23. Just trying to tell it, if I have the switch in the middle 22 and switch to 21 it flips the switch up or I switch it down to 23, the switch in the plane flips down. I attached a lua file that works some what. I start with the switch in the middle b22. when I flip the switch to b21 the red beacon light comes on, but when I switch back to b22, it doesn't switch back to off. I have to flip up again and it goes off and flip back down to the off position. It does the same thing when flipping down to b23, the anti-collision lights come on, but stay on if I flip the switch back to b22. I have to flip down, then up again. Can some one look and tell me what I'm missing? acol.lua
  13. I'm trying to add mjc's anti collision lights to a 3 way switch. The name is OHD_EXT_LT_ACOL_SW. I tried using -1, 0, 1 to move the switch on the panel to have just the beacon on , off, or anti collision / beacon on. That didn't do. I'm not very good with LUA, how to have the switch go down when flipping my switch down or flipping the switch up add the anti collision, or off when switch is in the middle. Some one said to try a mouse macro, but no luck with that either. Any one have away to put this in a macro or LUA file? This is FSUIPC 4. FSX:SE
  14. If you go to https://www.myhomecockpit.de/index.php/en/ From the main menu look at tips & tricks then PMDG event ID's. There he has the 737 and 777 pdf files that have the correct <custom control> number for each offset. I'm just waiting for the 747. He also has the parameters to use. This way you don't have to go through the PMDG_NGX_SDK.h file and fine the (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + ) and add it to the control events number, which is 69632. He did that for you at his website.
  15. Well, it works now. Thanks Bruce.

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