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Fs9 to fsx

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31 minutes ago, mick4658 said:

I have just installed fsx on same pc as fs9 ,

is it possible to transfer all my joystick controls settings  to fsuipc4 ini from the fs9 fsuipc.ini or do I have to start assigning from scratch  ?

You should be okay, provided the joystick IDs haven't changed. If you've already run the FSX install, check the JoyNames section of the generated INI file -- see if they are the same joystick IDs in use in your assignments.

If they aren't, you could try changing the IDs. For that you can use the JoyIDs program, available in this thread in the FAQ subforum:



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Hi Jon sorry but I am now confused 

i have had a look and on the old pc INI and still works correct I notice the letters on the new pc INI do not match the joystick cards  there are mixed up ,,,does the letters on both have to match the devices  so should be the same ie A B C D E F device match on both pcs

basically I am asking if A = device ie button box  on old pc should be  the same as A = button box on new pc 

because they are not  the same

kind Regards Mick







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Why are you cross-posting in a different topic when you raised your issues in this new topic:


15 hours ago, mick4658 said:

basically I am asking if A = device ie button box  on old pc should be  the same as A = button box on new pc 

The letter should be the same, as this is what the assignments use. The ids that map to the letter may have changed - this is the whole point of using JoyLetters, so the letter maps to the correct joy id number. If the GUIDs have changed, you need to update your original letter mapping to use the new GUIDs. However, if that was the log/ini files you posted (in the other topic) from both PCs, it looks like the GUIDs haven't changed. This surprises me, as they should change on a new PC. Naybe you didm'y show me the correct files in that topic?

I am closing this topic now. Please use the other topic, and do not post in multiple topics for the same issue.


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