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Started this topic on Steam but the dev pointed me to this forum so I will start to keep it up here.

I am posting down the original post for Steam just for references...

In the next post I will try to make it more compact and also cleaner.....( been my first post I will have to wait for aproval and after that I will continue)


Just purchased the EGKK and after 2 hours of playing found some issues. Not sure if it's only me or is something wrong with the DLC.
First start the second plane asking for pushback was stuck on a lamppost so I had to delete the plane. After couple more push backs I got 2 planes on the far corner of the 26R and none of them didn't want to move after confirming the command for pushback. I think none of them couldn't move because of the other one. After deleting one of the plane the other one moved straight away with no problem.
Other issue was with a lot of planes refusing to use runaway 26R and they would not move. Had couple of planes telling that they can't use the runaway because is too short but even some of the small planes refused to use 26R without telling the runaway is too short( it is long enough for small planes but they refuse to use it/ move ). This happened on pushback and also for taxi command.
All landing planes are refusing to use the exit taxiway I give command. They acknowledge the command but they use random exits. I used the mouse ( didn't try the voice command yet) when the plane is still in the air with command "cleared to land on runaway 8L ( or any other) taxi via RC" .......pressing cleared to and after that right click the taxiway for exit , I am.gettint the full confirmation back but the plane exit on different taxi way.
Also I think there should be a crossing point at the end of runaway J where all the planes should stop by default. If you have multiple planes going to 8L and 8R you will end up with planes stuck on the end of the runaway exactly under the landing planes......this is a high risk in real world on my POV. Not sure how is in the real world but..... Just remembered that I ended up with a plane at the end of 8L ( on the taxiway waiting for lineup comnand) and a landing plane stuck there. The landing plane didn't go around because no plane on the runaway but he get stuck on top of the plane waiting on taxiway for lineup command.
Another frustrating problem is a lot of planes are using 8L/26R for taxi by default from gates to runaway instead of taxiway J . This can be solve only by telling the plane to use J but they should not use the 8L/26R by default .
All landing planes on 8L and using for exit T ( think that's the one don,t have the game open now but it's a short taxiway next to the first terminal/parking spaces after landing) are coming out straight on J blocking it and if you have any plane taxing to 8L or 8R they will be stuck( the only option is to get the landing plane to beginning of 8L and turn it back via runaway 8L or the taxiway J) . This problem is connected with my previous problem where planes are refusing to use the taxiway I told them. I had to do it twice and once the plane taxing back on the runaway when it get to T instead of exiting it made a full 360 turn and after that it used the T for exit from runaway which was funny but I had to put a plane in go around because of the extra time.
Planes landing on 8R and coming out on the taxiway at the end of the 8L ( where 26R starts) are crossing the 8L/26R without stopping. I know it's outside the runaway but if you have another plane taking off from 8L it will past just over that crossing plane which again it's dangerous in real world.
So couple bugs on this DLC which hope will be fixed by developers because it's a great DLC with a lot of challenges. Not sure how to upload the photos and videos with this problem but hope my english was good enough to explain the issues.
Just curious to see if anyone found the same issues/bugs or is just related to my install.
Sorry for the long post.....

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Hi razvanrudy

A lot of your issues have been discussed here before. You can do a search on EGKK and get some answers.

In summary your issues are a combination of game limitations and specific DLC bugs.

If using this airport realistically though you would not use 8L or 26R as this is a backup/emergency runway only


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Hello Razvanrudy

Welcome to the forum. There is heaps of info on the forum but sometimes it takes some searching to find it..

For EGKK (Gatwick) Ben is right 08L/26R is only used as he says. Normally it is a taxiway as the game uses it. This is normal.

If you scratch through the forum on EGKK you will find lots of operational information and links to various information pages showing how the airport operates.

It is a good airport to operate but remember not to use 08L/26R in normal ops.

Also it's a good idea to sign your posts with a name. Over time it makes it a little more personal. Enjoy

Kev M

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