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trouble with bank angle

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Hello, I have been trying to extract some flight sim variables for physical representation such as gauges, using the oacsp library for Arduino and command gateway. I am trying to extract the bank angle data mapped with offset 0x057C. When I bank left I get some useful reading and I am able to convert it into degrees. But when rolled right, I get a constant value of 0 irrespective of my bank angle. Could you please help me out. I have attached my Arduino code below. Please disregard the file name


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If I monitor 057C (as S32) in the FSUIPC logging tab, I can see this value change from + to - and it looks to be correct. This is in FSUIPC5.

Can you try this to see if you see the same? If so,  then the error is in your code (or the interface library you are using - what is this?)


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Thank You for your help sir It worked as soon as I used SINT instead of UNIT. I am now trying to read altitude from the simulator. It says the offset has two parts, 0574 and 0570. now if I want to read the height do I make two independent events and read them?

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