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How to Properly Set Up the ESDG Citation X Throttles

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I am using the latest version of FSUIPC4 and the subject Citation X V2.

Initially the Citation ran well with no issues.   Then I got round to installing FSUIPC4.

First flights in the A2A C182 and The Flysimware Cessna 441 were great .  Then I loaded up the Citation X and found the throttles were not responding properly. Grabbing the FSUIPC manual I attempted to get the axis assigned to each of my Thrustmaster Warthog twin throttle set and then calibrate them. Long story short I have spent hours trying to follow the manual.  I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Citation thinking something had become corrupted.

Then  I had the idea to remove FSUIPC and all was good again. Reading the forum posts relating to this I have tried most of the ideas to no avail. AxesWrongRange yes or no makes no difference. If I try to revert to using FS controls FSUIPC seems to remain present and the throttles again misbehave.

Unless I missed it the manual doesn't seem to give a step by step to set up the throttles (1 and 2). Only throttle seems to have an Axis Throttle 1 option for assigning axis. Assigning the second throttle I can only see Throttle 2 and not Axis throttle 2. There are various options in Calibration I am not sure if I should use them like "Rev" I always chose send to FSUIPC for calibration.

Can you give a step by step setup method that I can try and report back success or results please?

Like I say it cost quite a bit of my free time. I would go back to no FSUIPC but I would miss some of the other good stuff.


Kind Regards




My system Windows 10 64
FSX Steam
Other apps FSUIPC4, EZCA3,Active Sky Next, Ultimate Traffic Live. Orbx Scenery for various USA areas. All latest versions.
Thrustmaster Warthog Throttles and Joystick.
Saitek pedals.
Simconnect DLL version 10.0.62615.0


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On 6/18/2019 at 11:52 AM, Petercove said:

Only throttle seems to have an Axis Throttle 1 option for assigning axis.

If you are assigning as 'Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration', as you say, then you should see the following throttle controls: Throttle, Throttle/SlewAlt, Throttle1, Throttle2, Throttle3, Throttle4. The 'Axis Throttle Set' controls are only available when you send direct to FS.

As Reinhard says, some add-ons do not play well with FSUIPC calibration and for these you should use 'Send to FS as normal axis'. 


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