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Where to Get Update for Amazon Purchase?


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I sent FeelThere an e-mail about this, but haven't heard back (though it's only been a half day since sending that).

I'm wondering if that's the correct option for receiving a link to download the latest version of Tower!3D Pro that I bought on Amazon. The link there no longer works, but it does give me a serial key.


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4 hours ago, scoobflight said:

Have you contacted Amazon to gain access to a new link?  This will gain you a new updates version.  I've found Amazon will be helpful with most things - either through a phonecall or through the chat support options.

I'll give that a shot, and to be blunt, it'll be my last shot as the e-mail I got back from Feel There I found to be entirely unacceptable. Here is what they said:

"Im afraid in this case Amazon did not longer sell our product and stopped receiving updates. Your version is most likely the most recent update that Amazon has on the game. We highly recommend purchasing directly from our webstore: www.feelthere.com or www.atcsuite.com."

Seriously? They sold it on Amazon. They took their share of my purchase and now they just want to walk away and tell me to just go ahead and buy it all over again??? No. I just spent MORE money on it today (via their website assuming this would be a non-issue), but I have half a mind to call my credit card company and get a chargeback for all these purchases. The bottom line is that they are not standing behind a purchase of a current product. I understand if others don't see it this way, but this is just not right. At the VERY least you'd think they'd say, "Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. Would you accept a discount coupon to repurchase it on our website instead?"

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Well, now push comes to shove. Amazon says they no longer have access to the files in question, that FeelThere no longer allows them access to it and thus, they have nothing I can download. So, I'm now out of luck. I have to just get by with what I have installed and hope it lasts as long as I'd like as FT has so far stated they won't support the product either (mind blowing). 

My question to them and to customers: What if tomorrow they decide they don't like Steam any longer or BTM? If that seems unlikely, so would dumping the largest retailer on Earth.

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