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max airport movements in custom schedule


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I am writing a VBprogram that creates a random schedule file with a certain interval for plaines arriving or departing.

It's working quite well (only for TIST  because I need to learn tower right now), though there are some issues.

I have noticed that if I create a long schedule tower hangs while loading, I suspect that the program can only handle a maximum number of movements, does someone have noticed this also?

Furthermore, tower doesn't seem to handle arriving planes exactly like there written in de schedule, is that because the arriving times are estimatede times?

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There are other rules that impact arrivals like you can’t have two arrivals at the same time (regardless of the number of runways) and the game enforces 5 mile separation regardless of plane type so that impacts how close together your arrival times can be.

But as Braf alluded to above gate availability is the big factor affecting arrivals especially at an airport like TIST. If there is no free gate for the plane it just won’t show up. 

Also, as Braf mentioned the game loads 8 hours of flights so this can adversely effect how closely a schedule is followed. One to two hour schedule snippets are recommended.


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