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Hi all,

I have not had a chance to pick up the EMB yet (finals week at my university) but I will be picking it up later this weekend. I've been following the development updates for a while and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I had a chance to watch parts of Chewwy's livestreams and I noticed he could not determine what the CG for the aircraft was. Given you need to know the CG for takeoff trim, I was wondering whether it is possible to find out the aircraft CG at this point in time. If the answer is no, are there any plans to include this in the load manager?

Congratulations on the aircraft release, from what I've seen it appears amazing!

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what info?


the Feelthere ejets have no way of knowing where the MAC is it doesn't incorporate it in the FMC or in a fuel/payload manager. The payload manager only adds weight. the manual says use 6 up trim always but thats wrong its way too much for the new flight dynamics you need 2-4 up trim for a smooth takeoff. the previous version you needed the 6 up to get off.


The real aircraft will have a trim sheet for working out the MAC and correct trim for takeoff. 


I hope that eliminates any confusion your having?

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Yes I believe that clears it up. My confusion stemmed from how I am used to add-on aircraft where the payload is loaded into individual cargo holds and the distribution can be different every flight, even if the total payload weight is the same (e.g. PMDG). I simply assumed it was the same with the FeelThere EJets. But as I understand it now, and please correct if I’m wrong, the payload manager simply adds weight to the aircraft but does not specify where in the aircraft that weight is being added, causing the CG to always be the same.

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It will add Pax weight to the Pax section and lower hold weight to the cargo. Its rather basic I'm afraid. It has been bought up as modern standards of add-on would include this especially for the price Tag but Feelthere seem like they have used the old versions payload manager. Its a shame really.

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